Spring Fever

Oh how I can't wait for Spring! Yesterday was all sunshiny and it looked like such a gorgeous day but oh how that wind did chill. That didn't stop me from picking up a few primroses at Home Depot. If Spring won't come to me, I'll bring Spring to myself. Just something about those little smiling flowers that will brighten anyones day. I'm going to pot some for my porch. Even if Mr. Winter does decide to visit us again (which I'm certain he will) It won't bother those little guys. The older I get the more I realize that I shouldn't wish time to move faster. But I just can't help it when it comes to Spring. It is my favorite season. I love to walk around the yard and see the perennials poking themselves up out of the ground. It excites me because I realize that soon I will have a gorgeous bloom in my yard. My daffodils are up about 4" so I know that Spring is close by. So to all you Spring lovers-hang in there it's sure to arrive! Now off to planting.

Paityn hates chocolate

Last nite I had dinner for all of the fam to celebrate Dalan's birthday and Valentines, (or as he calls it Dalantines Day). I had tables decorated in red and white and at each of the grandkids plate I had placed their Valentine present from Grandpa and I. Paityns was a soft cuddly teddy bear that smelled like chocolate and two candy bars. I was sure that she was going to love it. Before I even had a chance to go down stairs here she came with a pouty face letting me know that she wanted nothing to do with that BEAR! Not only did she not like it, but she hated it! Luckily, Grandma came to the rescue with a 'My Little Pony' that I had picked up earlier that day to save for her next years Valentine gift. That seemed to suffice. Oh, President Teddy Roosevelt would roll over in his grave if he knew that his famous teddy's had been replaced with Pretty Ponies, D.S. games, and the WII. What ever happened to the good old days when any child would have killed for a teddy. The problem is, all of my grandchildren are spoiled. I had nothing to do with it. But, they're all so darn cute that they just get away with it. All I can say to my own children is-You thought it would never happen to you and you thought Kylee was bad.
Remember there is still hope. Kylee may have been spoiled, but she is very appreciative now, she was even impressed with the Valentines I gave (especially Riley's robot one). You'd think she called herself KYBOT or something. So to all of my spoiled grandchildren, even the cute little one that hates chocolate-Teddys that is-I love You and hope that you will appreciate all this some day!

Cruise of a Lifetime!

How Sweet it is!

Yesterday was stitching group, or Jann day as some of my friends call it. I think Lady Di's husband coined the phrase. We all bring a pot luck item to share and usually we have a very good variety. But, yesterday we had 5 sweets. Thank goodness for Peggy's delicious pico de gallo, Jeannes deviled eggs, and Di's cottage cheese and fruit. Oh well, all's good! It still manages to lure some of my children and occasionally my hubby home for a brief visit. Wonder why I have a hard time losing weight.

Confessions of a Gardener

Yesterday my sister laughingly asked me if blogging was going to be my new daily ritual. That was right before I told her that I had done another post. After reading undaunting questions she chastised me. So I'm here to apoligize to anyone I might have offended. I'm sure it's for using the word dump. It's actually a word I don't care for myself. But for some reason all the other terms I thought of yesterday just didn't cut it. Actually, my sister didn't say much- just JANN but it was the way she said it. And then she followed it with "you need to quit blogging and get sewing". Although I have to take into consideration that this is my sister that when we were in Puerto Vallarta she was approached by a Spainsh amigo on the beach. He asked her if she would like to buy any of his temporary tattoos. After looking at them she gave him the nix sign with her fingers and said "NO, NO, NAUGTY, NAUGHTY!". My sister Julie and I couldn't stop laughing. She is also my sister that I have to talk to every day just to make sure she is still here and hasn't been translated. Seriously, she really is that good. All kidding aside, I love her tons!
And did I mention that my husband thinks it's great I'm blogging. He says the more I familiarize myself with the computer the better. Now for what I really wanted to say today-
I must confess, I raked yesterday! I know, that's just sick or pitiful whatever you want to call it.
Really, I didn't mean to. It was such a gorgeous day and it started with taking down some of the Christmas lights and putting away the snowmen outside. But then I noticed that the snow had all melted away from the foundation of my house. Now you know why I've never wanted a North facing home. So I could hold back no longer. With rake in hand I raked wherever the snow would allow me. I did get a very surprised look from a man driving by. I'm sure he thought I was CRAZY! Oh well, the damage is done and I promise (in the famous words of Bill Clinton) I raked, but I didn't till. Love All, Jann
p.s. Now on to exercising to see if I can lose any of that 2.4 lbs.

Undaunting Questions

Why is it that the minute you take a dump in the hotel bathroom all the other people you came with (6 of them) want to check out your room to see if it's like theirs. This happened to me in Lava. Keep in mind 4 of them I had never gone anywhere with before. And of course they had to look at the bathroom to see if the giant tubs that the Home Hotel so boastfully brags about was any bigger than theirs. All I could do is hope that they thought it was Greg or perhaps the maid. Fat chance.

Why is it that when someone says something that makes you think of a lyric you break out in song even if you can no more sing than fly to the moon? I know that's an old fashioned phrase, but remember I'm a grandma I'm suppose to say them.

Why is it that just when you thought that the Super Bowl was just about the party and snacks that the year that there was no party and only a few snacks you find yourself actually watching and enjoying the game even if you and your hubby did doze off during the part where Arizona (the team your hubby was routing for) managed to pull out ahead but woke up just in time to see the amazing touch down by the Steelers.

Why is it that when you have a hot flash during the night and throw off all the covers that immediately after it ends you find yourself freezing and pulling them back on? Ok, I know that only a few of you can relate to this.

And last but not least. Why is it that when you were trying to watch your weight during the holidays but still eating more than usual you managed to lose 10 lbs. (actually, 9.8). Then as soon as the holidays are over and you think it will be easier you find that you gained 2.4. What's that all about?

Daily Rituals

As I rose out of bed this morning and made my bed I didn't think I had anything I wanted to post today. But as I meandered down stairs to turn on my radio (one of the first things I do each morning), and feed Kylees cat I started thinking of a story I heard last night. Ann, Shelley, Peggy, Donnalee, and I took approximately 20 Young Women to the Emporium Salon ran by Shalona Robinson for a spill she does on personality traits and color. I reflected on a story that she told about a young girl who is now attending P.G. High that had a hard time focusing as a child. Her teacher had told her parents that after recess it was next to impossible to get her attention back into the class room. Her parents took her to a psychiatrist and the first thing he asked her was "do you make your bed in the morning?" Apparantly, making your bed in the morning helps you to set boundaries. Telling you that the night has ended and it's time to move on to do daily rituals. He said that unmade beds tempt you to go lie back down and not want to accomplish much that day. In other words, your not sure that evening is over. So it was with this young girl. They even found that if after the recess bell had rung if her teacher allowed her to WALK the perimeter of the fence around the playground, telling her that recess was over and it was time to return to the classroom that she was a completely different child. Shalona said that she is one of the most successful students in P.G. High. I found it interesting, and decided that I was thankful that I had started this habit when I was a young mother working at the State Prison. Thank heavens for all of our daily rituals! It what makes us who we are.

New Sheets

Slept in new sheets last night. I LOVE new sheets. Sure to be a great day!

Mama got hot

Just got back from a quick weekend trip to Lava Hot Springs. Never knew you could burn your feet. I've been there 4 times and this is the first time that afterwards the top of my feet itched something fierce. Oh mama! Thank goodness I packed Cereve' lotion. After Grandpa Shultz applied that grandma cooled down.