Daily Rituals

As I rose out of bed this morning and made my bed I didn't think I had anything I wanted to post today. But as I meandered down stairs to turn on my radio (one of the first things I do each morning), and feed Kylees cat I started thinking of a story I heard last night. Ann, Shelley, Peggy, Donnalee, and I took approximately 20 Young Women to the Emporium Salon ran by Shalona Robinson for a spill she does on personality traits and color. I reflected on a story that she told about a young girl who is now attending P.G. High that had a hard time focusing as a child. Her teacher had told her parents that after recess it was next to impossible to get her attention back into the class room. Her parents took her to a psychiatrist and the first thing he asked her was "do you make your bed in the morning?" Apparantly, making your bed in the morning helps you to set boundaries. Telling you that the night has ended and it's time to move on to do daily rituals. He said that unmade beds tempt you to go lie back down and not want to accomplish much that day. In other words, your not sure that evening is over. So it was with this young girl. They even found that if after the recess bell had rung if her teacher allowed her to WALK the perimeter of the fence around the playground, telling her that recess was over and it was time to return to the classroom that she was a completely different child. Shalona said that she is one of the most successful students in P.G. High. I found it interesting, and decided that I was thankful that I had started this habit when I was a young mother working at the State Prison. Thank heavens for all of our daily rituals! It what makes us who we are.


falco said...

I guess that was something you couldnt get enough of because you seemed to make my bed every morning. I wanted to make my own but before i got around to it, it was all made up and tucked in tightlty (tightly tucked beds are something both george castanza and I both cant stand). Now i have no boundaries and the nights never end because I never learned to do it myself.

Anonymous said...

I have to make my bed every day because sometimes it is the only thing I get done in my house. Too busy with other stuff! Bed making is the first chore on the list.

Tea in the Library said...

I am a bed maker too. I love lots of pillows and layers. A cozy inviting nest to snuggle down into after a long day.