Undaunting Questions

Why is it that the minute you take a dump in the hotel bathroom all the other people you came with (6 of them) want to check out your room to see if it's like theirs. This happened to me in Lava. Keep in mind 4 of them I had never gone anywhere with before. And of course they had to look at the bathroom to see if the giant tubs that the Home Hotel so boastfully brags about was any bigger than theirs. All I could do is hope that they thought it was Greg or perhaps the maid. Fat chance.

Why is it that when someone says something that makes you think of a lyric you break out in song even if you can no more sing than fly to the moon? I know that's an old fashioned phrase, but remember I'm a grandma I'm suppose to say them.

Why is it that just when you thought that the Super Bowl was just about the party and snacks that the year that there was no party and only a few snacks you find yourself actually watching and enjoying the game even if you and your hubby did doze off during the part where Arizona (the team your hubby was routing for) managed to pull out ahead but woke up just in time to see the amazing touch down by the Steelers.

Why is it that when you have a hot flash during the night and throw off all the covers that immediately after it ends you find yourself freezing and pulling them back on? Ok, I know that only a few of you can relate to this.

And last but not least. Why is it that when you were trying to watch your weight during the holidays but still eating more than usual you managed to lose 10 lbs. (actually, 9.8). Then as soon as the holidays are over and you think it will be easier you find that you gained 2.4. What's that all about?


Riana Grace said...

I love this post mamma Olson!! Your my new favorite blogger!

Ky said...

Those kind of questions haunt me all the time!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Well....here I am reading your post! lol! I guess I just HAD to see what you had written and what 'word' you used! Funny...and wise! heehee! ♥

Shop Girl said...

Jann you make me laugh! I'll share a room with you any time! (and a bathroom too!)