Paityn hates chocolate

Last nite I had dinner for all of the fam to celebrate Dalan's birthday and Valentines, (or as he calls it Dalantines Day). I had tables decorated in red and white and at each of the grandkids plate I had placed their Valentine present from Grandpa and I. Paityns was a soft cuddly teddy bear that smelled like chocolate and two candy bars. I was sure that she was going to love it. Before I even had a chance to go down stairs here she came with a pouty face letting me know that she wanted nothing to do with that BEAR! Not only did she not like it, but she hated it! Luckily, Grandma came to the rescue with a 'My Little Pony' that I had picked up earlier that day to save for her next years Valentine gift. That seemed to suffice. Oh, President Teddy Roosevelt would roll over in his grave if he knew that his famous teddy's had been replaced with Pretty Ponies, D.S. games, and the WII. What ever happened to the good old days when any child would have killed for a teddy. The problem is, all of my grandchildren are spoiled. I had nothing to do with it. But, they're all so darn cute that they just get away with it. All I can say to my own children is-You thought it would never happen to you and you thought Kylee was bad.
Remember there is still hope. Kylee may have been spoiled, but she is very appreciative now, she was even impressed with the Valentines I gave (especially Riley's robot one). You'd think she called herself KYBOT or something. So to all of my spoiled grandchildren, even the cute little one that hates chocolate-Teddys that is-I love You and hope that you will appreciate all this some day!


Ky said...


Thanks for the shout out! I was spoiled, but i appreaciated every second of it and besides everyone just thought I had the coolest parents ever so it was more to your benefit.

AND. You always made valentines the best with the cute valentines and the thoughtful gifts like jelly bellys !YUM!

I love you... and chocolate teddy bears

Peg said...

Jann, Our children are spoiled, just because you know, they never had to walk to school in a blizzard walking up hill both ways like we had to. So if they are that spoiled just think how spoiled the grand kids are going to be. Dalan thinks he has a holiday named after him. Geeze you better get prepared for really spoiled grandkids when he starts having kids. Not to mention that one day of the week is totally devoted to his mom. Yes many many women love Jann day and celebrate it without fail each week. I love you...and chocolate teddy bears!