How Sweet it is!

Yesterday was stitching group, or Jann day as some of my friends call it. I think Lady Di's husband coined the phrase. We all bring a pot luck item to share and usually we have a very good variety. But, yesterday we had 5 sweets. Thank goodness for Peggy's delicious pico de gallo, Jeannes deviled eggs, and Di's cottage cheese and fruit. Oh well, all's good! It still manages to lure some of my children and occasionally my hubby home for a brief visit. Wonder why I have a hard time losing weight.


Ky said...

We all love Jann Day! I look forward to thursdays every week. yumo!

Peg said...

Yes! Jann day can be the best day of the week. I know that when I can't be there I don't feel as happy. It is FUN!

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