The night before Thanksgiving my
chalkboard says it all!


"Oh, what a difference a day can make!"

A week ago Monday I mowed the lawn. The next morning I woke up to a skiff of snow on the lawn. The following morning I woke up to a BLANKET of snow covering the lawn. Then this Monday I mowed the lawn again. All I can say is, 'welcome to FAll in Utah'. Definately, unpredictable and can change quickly from day to day. As I was pulling up annuals and squash vines I couldn't help but contemplate on the coming of Spring. Crazy I know, but as I began preparing the garden for the coming snow my mind seemed to wander. I found myself already contemplating the daily ritual I do every March and April. That is of strolling the garden to see which Spring bulbs and perennials have dared to poke their heads out first. Well, until that time arrives I know that they will be snuggled up underneath that blanket of snow. A blanket that will definately last for more than a day. Until Spring arrives one thing I would like to say to my sleeping plants is, 'may you REST in PEACE!'