Land of the Free and Beautiful!

What a great 4th of July weekend! Greg and I started it off with a trip through A. F. Canyon where we came out in Midway and ate at one of our favorite Mexican restuarants. From there we went up to Kamas and stopped at Provo River Falls. Three gorgeous falls that we didn't even know existed until now. The drive through the canyon was so beautiful and we thoroghly enjoyed every minute of it. We also took a little stroll by Lily and Muir Lakes. We came out in Evanston where we spent the night, and spoiled ourselves with "The worlds most famous salad bar". This is actually a joke. The salad bar had very minimal items, but for some reason-that was their claim. We also realizied that we had missed the Testicle Festival held in a nearby town last May. Where we could have had some Rocky Mountain Oysters. Not sure what those are? Try googling it. Sunday afternoon we hiked a wild flower trail with Kylee and Dustin up Little Cottonwood Canyon by Alta. The weather was perfect and we saw some gorgeous flowers along with alot of little streams and some remnants of snow. We were lazy and didn't venture to any fireworks this year, but all in all it was a great holiday! We have so much beauty to be thankful
for right here in Utah. Too bad we don't have a Testicle Festival.