Meet and Greet Party

Hello my friends,
welcome to a special link party that I am hosting called a
'Meet and Greet'.
For the last two years I have wanted to host an actual bloggers meet and greet.
On Saturday I finally did it.  Our numbers may have been few, but we had such a wonderful time getting to know each other!

I'm planning to make this an annual event and hopefully the number of blog friends attending will grow!
(left to right)
Paula from Pollyanna Reinvents, JoAnne, an Instagram friend, Jo from Anne's Attic Design, me, and Trina from Tea Time with Trina

Originally I had planned to have the party outside in the garden, but with the hot temps I decided to host it indoors.
I could hardly wait for their arrival and had so much fun preparing for it!

 My friend, Ann gave me this tiered galvanized tray as an early birthday present.  She thought that I might want to use it for the party.  Does she know me well or what?  lol!
I tucked pretty little items in every nook and cranny and then added flowers from my garden.
Aren't these birdie S&P shakers so sweet?
I love making spoolies so I made some to add to the tray and for my friends to take home.

Teacups hung from the chandy and pretty purple bottles filled with Feverfew lined the table.

Saucers with a Hydrangea design were layered upon a vintage plate.
A couple of sweets were wrapped up for taking home.

I missed getting photos of most of the food.
but the menu was:
mini melt sandwiches
frozen fruit salad
stuffed salad shells
(recipe for salad stuffed shells)
cheese, olive, and pickle hors d'oeuvres

Remnants of the stuffed shell salads.  : )

I have loved getting to know these sweet gals!

(Paula and Trina)


I'm sure it's just the beginning of a lasting friendship!
These sweet gals all brought me the most wonderful gifts.  I will be sharing them in a separate post.
My word, they certainly did not need to do that!
Now I'm looking forward to learning more about you my blog friends!
Link up a post telling a little about yourself and share some of the things you love.
Help others to get to know you better!
And please go visit and learn more about your blog friends, or perhaps make a new one.
I will be sharing with these lovely parties:

Fun Finds!

Hello my friends,
just wanted to hop in and remind you about the bloggers 'meet and greet' link party on Mon. June 29th.
The party will go live at 7 a.m. MST.
While I'm here, why not share a few of my thrift finds.
I really don't need a darn thing so I have pledged that I won't just go to our local thrift.  BUT, if I'm in the area, how can I resist?
Last week I needed to run to Joanne's so. . .yup, in the area!  lol!
I love geraniums so I could not pass up these sweet enamel mugs with a geranium motif.  Hard to tell, but two of them are just tiny.
I hope you will join the party!
Share a little about yourself and what you love.
Hopefully you will learn more about your blog friends, or even find a new friend or two.
I couldn't help but FALL in love with these kitchen goodies.  Won't they be fun at Harvest time?
I also found a brown dish drainer, but forgot to take a photo.
Now can I just tell you that the 'Meet and Greet' party at my home today was so wonderful!  We may have been small in numbers, but big in fun, fun, fun!
Loved meeting a few blog friends in person.
They were all amazing!!
(as I knew they would be)
I never can pass up cherries.  Not in the grocery store and certainly not while pickin!
Can you believe I have a small pot just like this that I have had for years?
More kitchen fun!  It's speckled, it's enamel, what's not to love?
And the red handled biscuit cutter made my heart swoon!
Always in need of a few personal items.  Hee-hee!
I think I'll put the rollers in a jar in my basement bath.
This baby brush and comb was new, never been used in the box.

A few Christmas items.  You know I don't have nearly enough!  : )
Enamel bowl, Currier and Ive's trivets, and Angel hair.

Three tablecloths.  Plastic, but perfect for fun with the grands.

I saved the best for last.
Two cute light up bunnies.

Not sure what this stuff is called, but so bizarre. They are precious if you ask me!

I don't think I can wait clear till next Easter to use them!
I've already figured out when they'll be hopping into a vignette.
Have a fun weekend and hope to see you on Monday!

Share Your Cup Thursday #154

Hello my friends and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
party where you share the things that make you happy.
Well, summer is officially here and boy are we feeling it.
100 degree temps all this week.  Very unusual this early!
Needless to say that my bloggers, "Meet and Greet" party will not be held in the garden like originally planned.
Still, I'm so excited to get to meet some of my blog friends and looking forward to the virtual 'Meet and Greet' link party on Monday, June 29th.
Hope you will hop over and join the fun!
Please include some fun facts and share the things you love.
Features from SYC #153:
*remember to pin from their site and not mine.
I love everything about this vignette shared by Debra from Common Ground!

Pam from Everyday Living shared her gorgeous garden makeover.

And what a fun sink planter by Tuula from Thrifty Rebel.

Mindi from My Love to Create shared this clever easel made from picture frames.

Dianne from Deanies Stash shared her fabulous finds.  Love this children's typewriter!

Teresa from Keeping it Real shared a great tutorial on this cute sailboat pillow.
I just attended our local Home Shows and Nautical d├ęcor is really hot right now.
Thanks so much for sharing and please grab my button if you were featured.
Don't forget to hop over to my fb page and see who is featured there.
 Now Let's Party!
1.  I would love for you to be a follower of Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson
2.  Link up a particular post and not your entire blog. Please limit your links to no more than three.
3.  Please have a back link to this post.  That way others will know where the party is. Only those with a back link will be featured.
 4.  Please find time to visit at least two other participants.
It's a great way to find new friends!
After you link up, please come back and leave a comment.  They help to fill my cup! 

Old Blue

Hello my friends,
hope you are having a wonderful week.
It is a bit toasty here, but after all; it's summer!
Years ago I was driving along a back road in Spanish Fork, Utah with a friend.
That's when I first caught sight of 'Old Blue'.
This is not an original picture.  That was long before the days of 'blogging' and cell phones. It did not enter my mind to take a photo of her.
She was parked outside of an antique shop.  I inquired as to whether or not she was for sale and how much?
Even though they were using her as their display they decided they would part with her for $15.
Needless to say, 'Old Blue' came home with me.
She was faded and had seen better days so I decided to cheer her up with a new paint color of sunny yellow.
Again, I didn't take a photo of her, but this is one my neighbor took and gave to me.  It was when she was getting a little faded and ready for another makeover.
I refreshed her with a turquoise color and then last year I decided to paint her white and plant her red, white, and blue.
She seemed happy enough and proud to be an American!  : )

About a month ago I decided that 'Old Blue' was longing to be blue again.
After giving her a fresh coat of paint I lined her baskets with moss and planted her in pink, white, and purple.
She's struggling just a little in our 100 degree weather, but I gave her a shot of fertilizer today and hopefully that will do the trick.
I also added a hat to shade her from the heat.  lol!
"Old Blue" is parked just inside our East gate and loves it when company comes to visit!
I'm sure she misses the days when children squealed with delight as they pedaled down the road riding her.
I do believe she's happy to be 'Old Blue' again!
I will be sharing with these lovely parties:


Patriotic Ribbon Flag

Hello my friends,
today I want to share with you a fun and easy project.
A Patriotic ribbon flag
I wish I could take credit for making this up all by myself, but that would be a flat out lie!  lol!  I saw a similar one at a local shop. 
They were actually teaching the class and I didn't think it was a bad price.  However, I was going to be out of town and well, I have a boat load of red ribbon!
Must admit, had to buy some blue, and the zipper, but pretty much had everything else.
Now for the easy instructions:
Cut a piece of brown shipping paper 18x36.
(not the best photo, but you get the jest)
Also, you could use burlap, muslin, whatever you have on hand.  Just something to back your ribbons.
Cut a yard stick in half.  If you buy one at Lowe's or Home Depot and ask nicely; they will cut it for you.  : )
I actually had this 18" ruler that I found at a thrift shop.
Next drill two small holes in the top for hanging.
Cut a piece of fabric 12x14.  12" will run horizontal.  Spray the back of it with Elmers spray glue and press it down to the right side of your brown paper backing.  *Leave the bottom edge up so that you can tuck ribbons underneath.
Use a 24-27" zipper. Either will work.
(optional of course)
Ha, ha!  No!!!  You MUST use a zipper!
Cut various widths of ribbons, lace, ric-rac, etc.  We used 17 all together.  4 were cut 36" long and 13 were cut 24" long.  (You will trim it all up at the end)
Plus the number you will need will depend on the widths that you use.  If you use more thinner ribbons you will need more.  Like you couldn't figure that out.  He-he!
Be sure and overlap them slightly.
Also cut two 24" pieces of tuelle to lay over the top.  We used one red and one white.
(close up of ribbons and zipper that you must use)
(close up of tuelle over top.  We kind of hand gathered it)

We also added two rows of tickets.  They were cut long at first, but I didn't like how they hung so I cut mine shorter.  We also put tape along the back to keep them from breaking apart.
I added a corsage pin to mine to hold them down. They had a tendency to bow out.

(close up of length of tickets.  I left one longer than the other)

Use hot glue to glue the ribbons to the top of the brown backing and under the large blue fabric.  Go very thinly or you will have bumpiness at the top.  After all ribbons are attached I took my flag outside and (carefully) sprayed the edge of the blue fabric that I had left up with the spray glue and then pressed it down. You can use hot glue, but may have some bumpiness. Elmers or Tacky may even work.

Almost done!
Spray the back of your ruler with the spray glue (hot glue will not hold) and press down firmly to the top.  Let set a while to dry.
Then stick a small nail or skewer into the drilled hole and push it through your ribbon and backing.
String jute through.  It will go through much easier if you tape the end tightly with scotch tape.
Knot the jute behind holes and your ribbon flag is ready to hang.

Hang your cute flag up and trim ribbons evenly.  Much easier to do while hanging.
I hung mine on the old door now in my entry and I am loving it!
Happy red, white, and blue
to you!!