Confessions of a Gardener

Yesterday my sister laughingly asked me if blogging was going to be my new daily ritual. That was right before I told her that I had done another post. After reading undaunting questions she chastised me. So I'm here to apoligize to anyone I might have offended. I'm sure it's for using the word dump. It's actually a word I don't care for myself. But for some reason all the other terms I thought of yesterday just didn't cut it. Actually, my sister didn't say much- just JANN but it was the way she said it. And then she followed it with "you need to quit blogging and get sewing". Although I have to take into consideration that this is my sister that when we were in Puerto Vallarta she was approached by a Spainsh amigo on the beach. He asked her if she would like to buy any of his temporary tattoos. After looking at them she gave him the nix sign with her fingers and said "NO, NO, NAUGTY, NAUGHTY!". My sister Julie and I couldn't stop laughing. She is also my sister that I have to talk to every day just to make sure she is still here and hasn't been translated. Seriously, she really is that good. All kidding aside, I love her tons!
And did I mention that my husband thinks it's great I'm blogging. He says the more I familiarize myself with the computer the better. Now for what I really wanted to say today-
I must confess, I raked yesterday! I know, that's just sick or pitiful whatever you want to call it.
Really, I didn't mean to. It was such a gorgeous day and it started with taking down some of the Christmas lights and putting away the snowmen outside. But then I noticed that the snow had all melted away from the foundation of my house. Now you know why I've never wanted a North facing home. So I could hold back no longer. With rake in hand I raked wherever the snow would allow me. I did get a very surprised look from a man driving by. I'm sure he thought I was CRAZY! Oh well, the damage is done and I promise (in the famous words of Bill Clinton) I raked, but I didn't till. Love All, Jann
p.s. Now on to exercising to see if I can lose any of that 2.4 lbs.


Anonymous said...

Mom I love that you are not afraid to say certain things it is what makes you you. You always keep us laughing, that is one of the reasons we had such a great childhood, love ya tonz! the middle child :-)

Nikki said...

I actually quite enjoyed the post. I must say I was quite taken aback by the word "dump" and yet it brought you down to all of us kids' level a bit more. It makes you a bit more human and a little less super mom!

Peg said...

Jann, I am more offended that you raked yesterday than the word dump. Geeze lady is there anything that you are not right on top of? I feel like such a slacker when I hang out with you. Just stop it! You need to slack just a little so your friends can look just a bit better. Love you anyway you over achiever.

Shaleace said...

Jann, I am trying to decide which is worse. a).You raking in February (you're lucking your snow melted), b).You enjoying raking in February or c). You using the word dump?
Actually, I found it all rather humerous.