Birds and Blooms

Where there are birds there is sure to be poop.

Cute little birds in my trees

Potted Pansies and primroses brighten my day.

forsythia-almost through blooming

daffodils still smiling after being covered with a foot of snow
just one week ago.

violets-gotta love their sweet little blossoms

woodland hychianths

One of my favorites-Pasque flower

Happy Earth Day!

I am so loving this weather! The past few days the flowers just seem to be popping out like crazy. My trees are full of birds and I never grow tired of hearing their chirping. I must admit though, I own a bird killer. In just three days I have found the remains of two birds in my garage. Petey is a KILLER cat. What's an owner to do? I've even quit filling my feeders because I felt like I was bringing them in for the kill. All I can say is fly birdies fly. I snapped a few photos of what Spring has brought to my Highland home and thought I would share them with you. Hope you enjoy!


Ky said...

but petey doesn't even have claws.
I swear he just charms them with his bright blue eyes and then snaps them up!
i dont mind if he snacks on the ones that swoop me.

Anonymous said...

way to go petey, someone has to control the bird population (bird poop). That poop picture was gross.

Peg said...

Jann, I noticed this little flower in your garden on Jann day, and I loved it! I was going to ask you about it then, but I got distracted with all the quilts that were being showed and told about. Does the flower only bloom in the Spring? I love it because it is my favorite color. I am talking about the Pasque flower in case you were wondering which bloom I was talking about.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Yes it does only bloom in the Spring. But it srarts real early so I have about a month or so to enjoy it. It's starting to fade away now.

Shaleace said...

I was driving today with the sun roof open enjoying the nice spring day when a bird pooped on my windshield. I was sooooo glad it landed on the windshield and not on me! I thought of you and had a good laugh.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Like I said, where there are birds, there is sure to be poop!