Spring Lover

I thought I had better clarify myself. I truly am a Spring lover. I could have named 100 things I love about Spring, (can't believe I left off birds chirping-because that's at the top of the list). I had a hard time actually thinking of 10 things I hated. And about those 10 things I hate, after the task is completed; I love the results. For instance, Shultz and I cleaned the garage yesterday. He emptied it out and I scrubbed the floor with bleach. It looks and smells nice and it makes me feel so much better. I'm not quite through raking all those leaves and perennial debris, but the areas I am done with look so good. It makes me want to look out my back windows and when I do I get a feeling of accomplishment. One thing I know for sure is that when the clean up is all done, (still will have to tackle the pond in April or May); we can sit back and enjoy the rewards! Lawns will still have to be mowed and weeds pulled now and then. Thankfully I love the smell of cut grass so lawn mowing isn't an issue. Spring Lover I am.


Ky said...

i am also a spring lover! it makes me a happier person.

remember that time dad lifted me up to look at the baby birds in the tree right outside the kitchen window... that really freaked me out, they looked disgusting!

I would be more that happy to clean out under the tramp for you! i think i owe you just alittle bit!

Jack said...

I found your blog by some mistake I guess. But it turned out to be a good. Like how you named your blog. Awesome stuff!!