Old is GOLD

Last Thurs. I acquired an old 10 ft. apple ladder, (thanks to Mrs. LaCognata). It's mostly old wood with a bit of red paint hanging on for dear life. The metal parts are still red and I love it! Sunday I had Shultz bring it in and Mon. I hung quilts that I have made from it. The room is pretty packed but just had to have it! Now I have an old pillar in one corner and an old ladder in the other. Now if I could just get Shultz to stand in front of the couch I'd have an old man in the middle. Ha! Ha! Remember old is GOLD! And the older he gets the better he gets! One plus is if I get desperate for exercise I could shimmy up the pole and do steps on the ladder. Don't think I will ever be that desperate. Could always take pole dancing lessons. Seriously, thats a picture you just don't want to imagine. Well, all humor aside, I love old!


Anonymous said...

you also love dumpster diving

Ky said...

Oh mother! your blog is wonderful!

Dad wasn't to happy about his reference in this post.

..please..no pole dancing.

Peg said...

I am so glad you love that old ladder. I have to admit it sure looks cute with all those beautiful quilts hanging on it. Something you might see in Better Homes and Garden or some other magazine that is chuck full of darling ideas for the home. I am so lucky to have you for a friend because you just simply inspire me. When they said we had to get rid of the ladder at work I knew instantly who I wanted to have it. Tell Shultz I will not find anymore old stuff for you. Tell him also I don't think he looks too bad for an old guy. He still has a long ways to go before you could call him and antique.

Shaleace said...

I love it! I can't wait to see it in person. Congrats on learning to add photos to your blog. I will be expecting to see more.