SNOW Place Like Home...

Saturday morning we headed up A.F. Canyon with some friends to do a little snow shoeing. It was a bit smoggy down here in the valley, but as soon as we entered into our gorgeous mountains it was clear and beautiful. It's true, Utah does have the greatest snow on earth!

Gearing up

Friends Kyle and Shelley helping to keep us young. Not only
by getting us out to exercise, but by making us laugh until our
sides ache. Laughter is better than any medicine the Doc can
give us!

Greg and I taking a slide down hill. Climbing to the top
was fun too!

'Klondike Kyle' went to pose on a snow coverd log and this
is where he ended up.

We gave everybody a name. They all came easy except for
mine. So I decided I would be 'Jumping Jann'. Oops, where's
my other pole?

'Sherpa Shultz' taking a plunge into
the icy cold water.

Snow covered roof tops.

Kyle and Shelley on top of the world!

Time for a breather.

Sure glad that we weren't allowed to go any faster. Don't
think I could have kept up.

'Sliding Shelley' - GO girl, GO!


McFadden said...

Looks fun. YES, please stay young in case you need to take care of your older sis.

Peg said...

I want to see 'Sliding Shelley' I can't make the video work. Hope you can just show me on your camera. Looks like you all had a great time. That is probably because all four of you lean toward being crazy, like sort of looney, I am sure you all are very aware of that though. That is what makes you all such fun and very entertaining people. Maybe you and Shelley should try out for the Amazing Race that would be so great to watch.