Got Ironing?

A couple of weeks ago I went with my sister-in-law to “The Planted Earth” in Orem.  This shop is the closest thing in Utah County to “Urban Renewal” in St. George.  It’s kind of funky and you never know quite what you might find.

We went out into the greenhouse  to see if she could find a pot for her rosemary plant.  As we were walking through I spied a metal table, at least what I thought was a table.

Immediately I thought how fun it would be under our pergola to hold drinks when we have cook outs with family and friends.  now here’s the catch.  I don’t actually have a pergola yet.  Now wait, I’m not that crazy!  We do have plans on putting one in this Spring.

My husband has a hard time understanding the concept of buying something to go somewhere before you have that somewhere to put it.  I can’t imagine why!  Here’s the other thing, when you find that special treasure you know you just can’t pass it up.  It sure isn’t going to wait around for you to build your pergola.

I wasn’t sure what exactly the piece was but it had this sweet bit of art on the front of it that led me to believe that maybe it had come out of a beauty shop.


LOVE it!

I asked the girl if she knew what it was.  She said ‘no, but that she’d call the owner.

It’s an IRON RITE!

Great, I thought.  All seemed fine until my hubby and I went to pick it up in his truck.  The owner was there, he was kind of an old fashioned hippy.  I met him and his wife. After meeting them I now can totally see where this little eccentric shop fits.

Anyway, to make a long story short.  Or at least not quite as long.  The thing weighed a ton.  It has a huge industrial iron under that innocent looking metal top.

OOPS,  I promised my hubby that after moving my old stove up from our Highland home that I would never make him move anything that heavy again.  Too bad I already paid for it.

We rounded up our friend Kyle Sat. afternoon and he and Shultz managed to get it okay.  It went a lot better than I expected.  It’s on wheels so they were able to roll it out to the truck.

It’s in our garage for now but I am so looking forward to placing it under the pergola (well, having them place it under the pergola) after it’s built.


Can’t you imagine that tub of Coca Cola sitting atop it right now?  I can hardly wait to have you over for an ice cold soda and a sit down under my pergola!


Peg said...

You are so funny. Love that you plan ahead. Looking forward to an ice cold diet Coke under your pergola. What exactly is an iron rite used for? I mean other than to set your sodas on under the pergola, just curious. Never stop entertaining me!

jo53 said...

I can rardly wait to pass your house and see your sign IRONING DONE HERE you know jann times are tough and we all have to pitch in a little maybe you will make enough money to help pay for this new pergola you want so bad.

McFadden said...

I'm beginning to wonder if there is hardly ever a day go by that you don't get something new. well, I better rephrase that because quite often it is something OLD but NEW to you.