How to be More Efficient at Home. . .

Hello, my friends,
recently I received an e-mail regarding a post that I thought you might enjoy.  I am receiving no compensation for sharing this.
Most of this article is from Zowie Ashton, a writer of blog articles that is really passionate about topics related to home improvement, cleaning, and organizing.  She owns a small business company based in London.

I'll let Zowie take it from here, but I will be inserting a few photos and some of my own feelings here and there.

Have you ever had those moments and days when you feel like you have not done anything useful? Or you really want to get something done, but it feels like there is nothing to do? I am here to share some tips and tricks on how to be more efficient at home.
It is not anything radical at all, just a few improvements which you will find very beneficial.

1. Make your daily to-do-list in advance (lets say the day or night before)

In this list you will include all the things you need to deal with during the day. Do not forget to add all the household chores because it would be a lot easier for you when your mind is prepared for the upcoming duties. This way you will be able to plan your time better, making sure that nothing would be left behind. Place that list on your refrigerator or somewhere where you will be sure to see it.

Me:  I am a true believer in this.  Although I don't make a written list, which I think is an excellent idea; but I make a mental list each evening of what I want to accomplish the next day.

2. Stop oversleeping

If you want to have more time to get all the things included in the list done, then you need to wake up a little bit earlier in the morning. If your biological clock is not on your side then you should set an alarm. Have a breakfast, drink some coffee. This can help you be fresher and alert in the morning. Once waking up early becomes a habit, you will no longer need to set alarms.
Me:  My bladder wakes me up each morning around 7 a.m.  I know that at times that unmade bed looks tempting and entices you to climb back in.

That's why I make my bed soon after rising.  There's much more rewarding things to do in the morning other than sleep.  Remember, I don't work so this gives me plenty of hours in the day to accomplish what I would like.

3. Think back

We are sure that there are plenty of things you once wished to have done, but you never did. What happened with the Spring Cleaning? Did you postpone it till it became fall cleaning? Did you load the dishwasher last night? Did you unload it this morning? Did you do the laundry the day before yesterday? Now when all these things pop into your mind, add them to the list and you will take care of them. You will, won’t you...
Me:  I always get a bit of an early spring cleaning bug right after Christmas.  I start in each room and try to do some type of deep cleaning.  This January I tackled my small pantry.  I've always said that was the one thing they did wrong in this home.  The pantry is way too small for the size of home.  It works for just hubby and I, but if you had a family; it would not be practical!
I removed everything and gave the shelves a good wipe down.  Oh what a hay day a mouse would have had with the crumbs I found lurking about!  (wink)
A couple of years ago I picked up assorted baskets at our local thrift to corral items together.  It has worked well.  Hubby teases me about my tags.  He says, "oh boy, I sure am glad that let me know those were chips.  I wouldn't have had a clue other wise". 
Well, they were fun to make and it does help when friends or family are looking for something.
I've yet to add one to my baking basket.  Whew, luckily I've been able to figure out what it is!  lol!

I love when I run across a cute jar or tin that is functional!  I think I found this rice one at Home Goods a few years ago.  I've had the spaghetti tin
 for years.
Me:  From the time I had little children I made it a habit to pick up around our home before I went to bed.  I rarely left dirty dishes in the sink.  There is nothing worse than waking up to the smell of last nights dinner!  :)  Just take 15 minutes to tidy up before retiring to bed.  It's amazing the difference it makes as to what attitude you wake up with in the morning! 
Thanks to Zowie for sharing her great tips!  I hope you enjoyed them.


Susie said...

Jann, I never sleep in ...feel guilty if I sleep to 7:30. Usually out of bed at 7. I always know there's some kind of chore that can be problem is getting motivated. So I like the idea of maybe one shelf or one drawer at a time. I'd love to do one closet in one day. LOL I really used to be a more organized person. So I will be working on that this spring. Blessings to you, hope you are loving the weekend. xoxo, Susie

Margie from Toronto said...

I'm also an early riser and I too make my bed right away so that there is no temptation to return to it! I'm pretty good about keeping up with the day to day chores but could do better at some of the seasonal work - I do tend to procrastinate when it comes to these tasks.
Currently on the list is - clean window blinds & windows - clean bedroom storage cupboard -finish off the pile of shredding that has accumulated!

Stacey said...

Another early riser here! The mornings are my favorite part of the day. Jann, you get so much done I know you must use your time well.

Joanne said...

Great tips, I have been working hard on getting organized again!
Have a great weekend!
blessings, Joanne

NanaDiana said...

I am up super early every morning (5:30 by the latest) and kind of have a morning routine that keeps me functioning at an 'organized' level. I do like order and gettign things done. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I am retired so I get up when I wake up, but rarely do I sleep past 8 a.m.

I am trying to always make lists of what needs to be done and if I get tired and don't want to do anymore, I carry that over until the next day. I am finding that when I see something that needs to be done I MUST add it to the list otherwise I forget about it and so on and so on.

This was a great post and I am going to back to making lists again.

Have a great week.


Cherie said...

I like to plump the cushions and straighten all my sofa throws before going to bed. It is so nice to get up each morning to a neat and tidy room

Bev said...

Jann, thanfully I retired after 30 years of teaching elementary through university, and then 10 years of being a counselor! I was jerked out of bed unmercifully by my alarm clock for all those years & forced to keep a strict schedule. Now, we sleep all day if we want to, because we've stayed up all night doing whatever we wanted to do! If we wake up and are still sleepy, we doze right back to sleep. Our bed is never made. We eat when we are hungry at whatever time of the day or night! My husband and I are the happiest we've ever been. We pride ourselves on being totally disorganized about most things. Our total focus is on having fun and enjoying life. We've found that midnight is the best time to grocery shop. No crowds, the shelves are fully stocked then. Enjoy life. Tear up those to-do lists. Let the OCD'S drive themselves crazy if they want to.

Jeanie said...

what a fun post, Jann. Now, I'm pretty good with some of these steps. If I could just stay off the computer the cleaning might get done!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Lots of good things to keep in mind and DO! I'm like you, no matter how late or how tired I am, I have to have the kitchen cleaned up and things put away. We've never had a dishwasher so we always got in the habit of doing the dishes right away and cleaning up before bedtime. Now my mom used to do spring and fall cleaning, the "old fashioned" way. EVERYTHING was washed. Walls, ceilings, baseboards, all draperies to cleaners, etc. I can't say I do THAT but I do love giving everything a good cleaning especially in the spring when you can fling the windows open and let in all the fresh air!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Great post!! I am a List Maker as I find it keeps me on track and I get less distracted. I too am up early when I am not working, usually between 6am - 7am. But my problem is I do spend too much time on the computer in the morning.... Hence, I am cutting back a bit on my posts...

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

List making is a key for me! I do accomplish more if I have a written plan, but I do it for the week so it gives me flexibility. I also add "do something each day that brings me joy," whether it is a visit to the library, or reading some favorite blogs online, drinking some hot chocolate in winter, or taking a long walk on a sunny day. Sometimes just gazing out my windows brings me joy and I have to allow myself that luxury even when I'm really busy.

Jean | said...

Jann, your husband's comment about your labels is hilarious! I wish I could sleep until 7; if I sleep until 5:30, I consider it "sleeping in." No need for getting up that early; it just happens!