Holy Macaroni. . .

Look what Mother Nature brought to our home last night.



Is it April (almost May) or Nov.?

Mother, you know your big Mother’s Day celebration is coming up soon.  You should be in a better mood than this!

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Two paper birdhouses.  One large and one small.  They would be sweet under a cloche.

Here’s a peek if you didn’t see what they are.


This is just a sample of a couple of them.

I will be doing the drawing on Mother’s Day.


This is what I did with mine.

Looking at this pic makes me think, “Hmmm, those living room walls are in dire need of some color.”

Maybe come Fall.  Too busy tackling outdoor projects right now.  Bead board on the ceiling would be SWEET!


melissa said...

cutest bird houses EVER!!! I have to have one of those in IDAHO. Love ya Jann, please enter me!

veryheatherly said...

The bird houses really are so cute! Each one has so much personality...oh yes, and I love your blog's new background!

freda said...

Jann your house is so beautiful. I need to know where you get all your energy. I love all the pictures of all your talents. Keep going girl. Debbie Brady

Emily S. said...

How fun to run across your blog! Those birdhouses are adorable! I have a thing for birds you know. Love them! (This is Emily S. from the ward, by the way)

Peg said...

Holy Macaroni is exactly what I said when I saw all that white stuff. You may have to build a green house so you can garden all year, your honey will love to see that on his honey dew list.

McFadden said...

Maybe Mother Nature doesn't really like having a special day and that is why she is acting up

mimi_62 said...

Love those bird houses!!! So-o-ooooo much time involved in creating them. Would love to win.