About a month ago I went with my friend, Joyce to The Star Mill in American Fork.
Look at this gem that I came home with.
Isn’t that the cutest baby scale you ever did see?
This sweet baby motif is on both sides of the scale.
It has been tucked away in my basement just waiting for the Easter décor to be put away.  Now it was able to make it’s debut.
Let me tell you a little about how I acquired it..
When I first walked in I spied this baby and my eyes were affixed on it. 
I ran right over and looked at the price.  Oh wowzer, this thing was much more than I expected.  Also, much more than I was willing to pay.  At least I thought.
I immediately tried to get Daniel, the shopkeeper to give me a better price.
Nope, he wasn’t budging.  I knew he would give me 15% like he always does, which I appreciate; but this time I was hoping for more.
He just kept telling me how rare it was and that he’d never really seen one with a wicker basket.  Got me there, I hadn't either.
I made up my mind it was too pricey and that I was going to pass.
As we walked around I couldn’t help thinking about it.
Then to top it off – Connie, one of the employees proceeded to tell me that there was another lady that wanted it and how she didn’t care for her and that she would much rather see it in my home than hers.  She even did some hilarious imitating.
I found myself saying, ‘Heck, I spend that at the grocery store every time I walk in.
I’ll never tell what I paid for it.  My hubby would think I was crazy.  Oops, he does read my blog.  He even has an app on his I-pad that tells him when I’ve done a new post.  Isn’t that sweet?  Is he listed as one of my followers?  Nope, he’s not going to go that far.
You know, he is an avid fisherman.  Think I can use the excuse that they got me hook, line, and sinker?
Crazy or not, look how cute it is filled with fruit!  Did you happen to notice that it is red and turquoise? Oh baby, baby, baby!

I will be sharing this post with Angie from Knick of Time for Back to the Past.


Teresa said...

Awesome baby scale! Well worth whatever you paid, I'm sure. I'm with you - I have to be careful about blogging about what I've scored on my antiquing trips.....some things the hubby just doesn't need to know, right?

McFadden said...

Who would ever think you needed a baby scale in the kichen, oh I forgot about that word NEED. It does look pretty cute and since there are no little ones in the family at the present time, you might as well weigh fruit.

McFadden said...

Sorry for my miss spell, I need to proof read.

mimi_62 said...

I'm so-oooo jealous. What a find. Love the way you've decorated it.