Childhood Relived

Yesterday my youngest daughter Kylee and her husband came over to watch the Jazz game with us. They have only been married about a year and a half. They lived with us for 6 months while they looked for a home to buy. We thought that we had sold our home in Highland so I brought home some of the things that I had left in it. Among those items were Kylees toys from when she was a child. I put them in the closet of the spare bedroom, which is where Kylee and Dustin slept when they lived with us. I thought that would be a place where the grand children could get them to play with. In doing so I found some items that Kylee and Dustin had left behind when they moved out. When there was a commercial during the game I asked Kylee to go see if there were any of those items that they wanted. When she went upstairs to check she was gone for quite a long while. Finally, she arrived down stairs. I asked her what took her so long and did she want any of those items? She replied, "Sorry, I really didn't get to look, I was too busy checking out all of my old Barbies.This morning I went up there. The closet door was opened and when I looked in I had to smile. Remember, this is Kylee; my NOT girly girl. But, oh how she did love her Barbies. I think it's great that we all still have a little bit of kid in us. Hey, aren't there times that you would just love to do nothing but play with Barbies all day? What a great Mothers Day gift! Just knowing that your children have fond childhood memories would make any Mother happy!


McFadden said...

I still play with Barbie, not all day like when we were kids, but when I tend TJ or Shontay is here they always want Grandma to play.
Congrats to Nikki on winning the apron.

Ky said...

this is embarrasing. But if it made you Happy so it is so worth the embarrasment!