Thriller, Filler, and Spiller Vintage Wicker Porch Basket

Hello my friends,
Spring has arrived and Easter will be here soon!

Thank goodness my dear blog friend, Amber from
planned another fabulous blog hop!!
If you are hopping over from visiting Carol,
Thanks for visiting!  Carol is an amazing decorator and I love her style!!
Spring is my favorite season.  I'm sure it has something to do with the renewal of things.  I'm always amazed at the beauty that comes to a garden after a long cold winter.
One of my favorite places to decorate is our front porch.
Today I am going to share a vintage wicker basket I bought and show how I planted it.
This sweet thing was marked down to $10, regularly $40.  I could not resist it!
So, off to Walmart I go to get some spring flowers.
The garden area was closed, but these were out front of the store.
I've been planting using, thriller, filler, and spiller for years.  I just wasn't clever enough to come up with those names.  :)
Your thriller should 'WOW' you.  This is the best I could do.  I wish it was a little taller.

Even though this is wicker and should drain good, I still put 12 mashed soda cans in the bottom.  I do this with all of my planters.

Then I fill it with good old Miracle Grow potting soil.
I'm sure most of you know the way to remove the plant from the pot without damaging it.  But, I just move the pot around in my hands squeesing all around it.  Then the plant will just pop out.
Most of the time they will be root bound.

I loosen the roots and then begin potting.

I had lots of pretty fillers to use.  The only thing missing was the spiller.  I will add something for summer color later.
When finished, I gave it a nice drink of fertilized water.
I decided that it didn't show up enough in the corner by the old door, so I moved it over by the ladder.
I found the ribbon on the handle in one of my Easter boxes.  It added a little bling.
Notice I didn't end up leaving the long green moss branches?  My dear friend, Joyce brought them home to me from Oregon.  I love them!!  But, they took up too much room in the basket.

I always need a close up of spring color!

It's a nice warm welcome!  Now head on over and visit
I'm sure she will have something lovely to share!!
Here's a peek at my next project.
I have had these eggs for a long time.  I decided they needed something.  : )

I'll be sharing my front porch soon.
Wishing you all a very
Happy Easter!!

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Kim said...

Such a sunny and happy welcoming porch, Jann. Your basket with pretty flowers smiling at those who pass by is beautiful. Love the curls and swirls of pretty ribbon. Why, every basket needs a bow....most definitely. Wish oh wish I could sit a while on that pretty porch of yours♥ said...

Jann, I love all your spring and Easter touches in your home and porch. I love those polka dotted eggs. It sure put a smile on my face this morning coming over and viewing your beautiful decorations. Happy Easter!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hi Jann, you bought such a pretty basket for your porch. I love the pretty spring flowers you added to it. It's just perfect for spring and easter. Have a nice spring and easter.

Rita C at Panoply said...

Jann, now THAT's an Easter basket I can thoroughly enjoy! You are fortunate to have gotten the plants, and they are such a cheerful welcome to anyone who can see them....from a distance, of course. Stay well, my friend. It's always good to see your posts, but to be able to join your company is an extra treat! Happy Easter!

handmade by amalia said...

I love the white basket and bright flowers, Jann, so cheerful and welcoming.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your Easter decor is charming, Jann...the basket was a great find! Loving all of the beautiful spring flowers...and the polka dot eggs! Happy Easter!

Vuong Duc Binh said...

oh ! Yes... Easter´s on Its way. Love all. Good luck for all.

carol@The Red Painted Cottage said...

Jann, I love your Easter basket filled with those beautiful spring flowers! Such a delight for your porch. BTW, I never knew about using crushed cans. Thanks for the suggestion.

My thrift store addiction said...

Jann, your floral basket is lovely and I love your polka-dot eggs! Happy & healthy Easter, Friend! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

The Crowned Goat said...

These flowers are so pretty for Spring Jann and I love the way they perfectly fit in your basket too. We've been social distancing for a few weeks now and I swear the minute they turn us loose I'm heading to the store to buy more plants. I really miss being able to potter around but I know it's for the best. Love your inspiration! Hope you and your family have a blessed and happy Easter. Hugs, CoCo

Cindy@CountyRoad407 said...

That was a steal of a deal and I wouldn't have been able to pass it up either. And how did I never think to use crushed up cans in the bottom of planters?! That's genius! Thanks for sharing that. Happy Easter sweet friend!

Katie Mansfield said...

Precious. It is so bright and cheerful.

Chloe Crabtree said...

I love your basket and you did a great job of planting it. This is a vintage funeral basket used by florists back in the 50's and 60's, perhaps even earlier. That is such a classic and I am envious of your find! You got it for such a great price too! A little trailing ivy would make nice spiller for your basket and will contrast nicely against the white. I look forward to seeing your porch. May you find joy in this Easter season and stay safe and well.

Decor To Adore said...

This post gave me a thrill! I have a similar basket and can't wait to give it a new look.

Thistle Key Lane said...

Hi Jann, the basket was a great find and looks so pretty with a variety of flowers and colors on your porch. I never would have thought of using soda cans for a filler, but it works! Hope you have a Happy Easter!

Kelly Radcliff said...

Jann I love your vintage basket! I am a basket lover and I've never seen one like yours! What a great find and I love the flowers you chose for it as well. Happy Easter!

cloches and lavender said...

Sweet Jann,

Your decor has made me smile for years! Always happy festive pieces. Love the hat basket!

Hope you're feeling well and being safe!


Jeanie said...

I feel desperate for flowers these days. Your porch and that wonderful $10(!) find are so pretty with the potted plant. I have a happy smile.

I hope you are well, safe and getting through these challenging days.

Louca por porcelana said...

So adorable and sweet...Thanks for the inspiration,dear Jann!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love how your basket turned out. So pretty

Debbee said...

Jann, that vintage basket is just fabulous --- where do you make all your finds? You have such an amazing vintage collection. I always use rocks in the bottom and never heard of using crushed cans. Such a good idea, and one I'm tucking away for when it warms enough here to fill my planters.

Julie Briones said...

I bet those hyacinth smell amazing! What are the little red button-type flowers called? They are so rich in color! Beautiful arrangement!

Anonymous said...

Jann your flowers are beautiful. the Easter bunnies are cute. We have purchased flower seeds and pansies to plant in a few weeks.
Stay well

Paula@SweetPea said...

What a great vintage find! I thought it was a funeral basket and I see via Chloe's comment, that she thinks it is the same thing. It's going to be lovely to enjoy how you planted it all spring and summer. Great tip to add drainage with crushed cans!

Sarah said...

Jann, it's always fun to see what you create. The basket is fabulous, and what a great price. The fresh flowers are a perfect addition. Happy Easter!

Kristin White Arrows Home said...

So pretty my friend! I love that basket and all the colors of flowers are gorgeous!!

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

Jann your basket is a fab find, and I LOVE the flowers you chose, especially the hyacinth. I have a small galvanized bucket with 6 blooming hyacinths on our porch. Every morning as soon as I open the door I smell the heavenly aroma and it puts me in a happy, spring mood.

Flowers just make everything better, even being forced to stay home

Your Easter egg project is looking good too!

Thanks so much for joining the hop. Happy Easter!

Junkchiccottage said...

Jann love your sweet front porch. Looks so festive for Easter and Spring. Hope you are safe and well. Happy Easter Week.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Your front porch basket is soooo pretty

Carol@BlueskyatHome said...

What a darling basket for the front porch, Jann. Love the basket as is but with the flowers, it’s even prettier. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

hellen said...

all the colors of flowers are gorgeous!!

Have a nice day!!

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Botanic Bleu said...

There is nothing prettier than a basket of live spring flowers! Your vintage basket was a real find and perfect for your spring bedding plants.

Happy Spring!


Louca por porcelana said...

Happy Mother's Day,dear Jann!Best wishes.God bless you.

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