Happy Halloween from me to you!

I've added a few new items this year, but this spooky banner
and my Halloween countdown calendar are my favorites!

I made this calendar with my sister-in-law, Laurie. It
was SO fun!

Our Halloween Home

Cute pumpkin head given to me by my
sweet friend Ann

This is the first quilt I made. My sister
Julie bound it for me because I didn't know
how. So funny, I can't even begin to count
how many quilts I have bound now!

This one is called 'Pumpkins Gone Wild'

My cat collection

I love randomly scattered pumpkins throughout the yard.

potsful of pumpkins

Witch Hildegard

A witchy welcome!

I love my old bicycle! The deer have enjoyed munching on
the flowering kale.

pumpkin house numbers

My blue cupboard is so fun to fill with a few
of my 'favorite' things!

Decorating with candy is the BEST!

This is my favorite item to decorate! An old window frame
given to me by my dear old friend Joyce. We've been friends
since 6th grade.

I love decorating for Halloween! I'm not sure if it's the bright colors or what. Because I really don't like haunted houses or anything too scarey. I stick to more the fun stuff. Hope you enjoy!


Shaleace said...

DARLING! As always. I LOVE the spooky banner. I have diecuts I could make one. I wonder if any of my family members have some cute Halloween print ;)

Peg said...

I love to visit your Halloween Home. It is always so comfy and cozy and just fun to be there. Love the new additions to your collection of decorations. Looking forward to your Christmas Home.

Marsha said...

I love Halloween, too. I enjoyed the peek at the calendar and your decorations. I spotted a decoration that you have on display--I have the same one!