Happy Valentine

WA-LA! I finished binding my heart quilt.

I hope that it makes your heart skip a beat!


I had so much fun making it and pulling buttons, ribbons, lace, and rick-rack from my stash to embellish it.

Happy HEART day to you from me!

Today is the last of my February challenges. I have had a great time challenging myself to show a little more affection. I really am not a LOVEY-DOVEY type of person. Hopefully, I can continue to show more affection throughout the year.

Later today I will be drawing out the name of that lucky someone who will win the rolled paper wreath. Keep your fingers crossed!

Feb. 14th challenge: Give your SWEETIE a BIG SMOOCH! You know, not just a little peck but a big juicy one. WARNING: May lead to further action!

p.s. I bought new sheets called “SILK ALLURE”. Just saying, I needed new sheets. Guess what? They are kind of turquoise. Sure hope my hubby doesn’t slide out of them! Ha-Ha! Remember that commercial?

I HEART new sheets!

Have a Happy Valentine!


Peg said...

It did make my heart skip a beat and so I can say your quilt is to die for. It is beautiful Jann your hard work paid off. Love it!

Lady Di said...

I'll say, it is to die for. Darling! Darling! Darling! You got that quilt back fast. Must be all that Lovey-Dovey you showed this month.
by the way Jann, I think you don't have to work very hard to show affection. You were born with it.