Beatrix Potter Garden Tour…House #2 And A Winner!

I guess I had better announce the winner of my give away before anything else.  DRUM ROLL PLEASE. . . And the winner is – Peg!

How perfect is this?  She is one of my best friends, been a follower from the beginning. And, has left more comments than any one else. She has tried to win every give away that I have done. Looks like the 5th time is the charm. Congrats Peggy!  Hey, I don't even have to mail it.

Now on to house #2.

If you missed house #1 and the Beatrix Potter Festival, just scroll down and read my last two posts.

Now, step inside her garden gate.


This home is definitely a....


Which just happens to be, my favorite style of garden.

The homeowner was very gracious and told me that she had toured gardens in England.

Something that she said I MUST do if I love cottage gardens. On my bucket list.


Entering into her garden the picket fence was lined with garlic chives.  I loved the way they looked.


A couple of yellow blossoms sneaking up among this pink rose.


A bit of whimsy in the garden






My heart skipped a beat when I saw this turquoise bird cage.  Want one SO SO bad!




My friend, Peggy excited to pose by this giant birdhouse.


I loved Mr. duck in her water feature!





One gorgeous Cottage Garden wouldn't you agree?

It was a smaller yard, but packed full of such delight!

Third and final garden is FABULOUS!  Be sure and come back ya hear.


Kris said...

Hooray for Peg! And what a beautiful country garden. Also my favorite style as well. I wish I had gone to England when I was in Europe! Mom and I were in Italy for 3 weeks, but didn't ever make it to England. Also on my bucket list...for sure!!

Peg said...

Oh my, I am so excited I won. Thanks so much Jann! I just barely took the time to look to see who won. Boy, I was surprised. I have been busy today, what a nice thing to discover that I am a winner. The banner is truly a work of art and I am so honored that I get to own it and that I know the artist personally. Oh, and I loved that garden a lot! England has always been on my bucket list.