Guessing Game. . .

As some of you already know, Kimberly the winner of my apron give away chose a Christmas apron.

I decided to take a picture of a few and let her choose which one she would like.

Now here’s the fun part.  Let’s play a guessing game.  Leave a comment saying which apron you think Kimberly will pick.  Here is her blog if you want to read a bit about her. This might help you decide.

Whoever guesses the right apron will get their name in a drawing for another Christmas apron.  Double give away!  Won’t this be fun.

Kimberly, when you read this, e-mail me at with your choice.  We must keep it a secret!

Here are the aprons:


Apron #1 is a vintage looking apron with Christmas trees and green rick-rack.  (you can click on any pic to enlarge)


Apron #2 is red with Christmas words and packages. The contrasting ruffle and pocket is green and white.


Apron #3 and #4



These aprons are alike, a peppermint on a black background fabric.  The picture looks a bit pink, but it’s not.  #3 has a red polka-dot pocket and ruffle with black rick rack.  #4 has a black with red.

Now,  don’t all of these aprons make you want to whip up something?

That’s what I did Thursday.


I steamed some carrots and potatoes.  Sauted onions,celery, and mushrooms in butter till tender.  Added a bit of fresh rosemary along with Italian Seasoning, sage, parsley, and S&P.

I love having fresh rosemary right in my window sill.


Then I mixed up some Poultry gravy mix that I had bought at Costco.

Rolled out some puff pastry I had in the freezer.  Cut a few slits in the top. Brushed it with egg whites.

I even had enough to make a couple of individual ones.  Baked it a 350 degrees for 30 min.


Voila!  It was so delicious.


Now, have fun guessing and I hope you are whipping up something tasty in the kitchen!

Let’s have the deadline be Monday Nov. 7th.  The winner will be announced the 8th.



Shan said...

Oh aren't they all cute!! I think she'll choose apron number 1!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Yup...#1. Yummy pie!! I'm baking bread right now!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I was hoping I could be first to guess! I am very lucky if it's a 'random' thing! But guessing? I'll guess's so very very cute! But everyone should read the comments and guess whatever I DON'T guess! OK! Do we all have that? She will not choose #2....but I like it best! heeheehee! If I sound crazy...I'm frozen here in the cold mountains of NC! My brain has 'freezed up'!

camp and cottage living said...

You are so clever! I think this is such a neat and fun idea.
I have already made my choice. It wasn't easy-they are all so cute! .I will e-mail you soon with my choice.
Now I can't wait to see who wins this next drawing. I'm glad we don't have to wait too long to find out either.
You really have a giving soul, Jann. I'd say your getting in the holiday spirit early!!

Sandy said...

I'm also going to guess #2... don't know why?
I'm also in the Holiday mood.. we need it here in our hot area of the country.
Love your pie.. going to make it also!
Yes, I did whip up something today, Zesty Italian Polenta and it turned out wonderful.. will post it in a day or so.
Love your guessing game!


Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Jann,

My guess is #1...They are a truly lovely!
Wow, that looks amazing was it really that simple?
I bet it tastes really good. The two little ones you can send over here for me and my hubby!!
Loved your helpful idea today.
All the Best,

Kris said...

Hi Jann. All of the aprons are darling. I am going to say she picked the one on the right. Number two in your descriptions.
Your pie looks delish!

Vee said...

I'm here fresh from Kimberly's and, though I haven't known her very long, I think she's chosen the apron on the right. It says "merry" and "jolly" and is red on the main part of the apron with a green plaid on the pocket and ruffle. They are all sweet! That pot pie looks like such yummy comfort food in this blast of cold weather we're having.

Donna said...

What a fun giveaway! I love guessing games. I can tell by her blog that she loves nature, so #1 would be tempting her. But I can also tell that she LOVES red. Golly, what a dilemma! I'm going to go with #2 because it has the traditional colors with a LOT of red. Thanks for inviting me to participate!!!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Apron #1...well, that's my favorite!

I was so psyched to see what kind of pie you made in that pretty pie dish...until....I pecan.....oh the tragedy of it all! :)

The Country Nest said...

Ahhh I love apron #1 so I think she will too.
Was that a chicken pot pie? I made one last week. We had an apple and pear Crostata started for today. The dough is chillin! Thanks for stopping by.

Diana LaMarre said...

I think she chose apron #2.

I have been wanting to make a chicken pot pie for the past two weekends, but so far have not gotten to it. I make mine similar with just a puff pastry top crust. Your looks delicious.

Red Rose Aley said...

That pot pie looks scrumptious. I'd love some right now because the weather is cooler today, and pot pie is a favorite of mine. A lovely Sunday to you.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Each of the aprons is pretty but I think since Kimberly lives in the woods, she would choose the one with trees, the FIRST ONE.Shannon Congrats to her and how nice of you for this offer. --------

Anonymous said...

Apron #1 is the one I think Kimberly will pick. Lucky Kimberly! Yum! I wish I was having dinner with you. The pie looks delish.

Peg said...

I think Kimberly will choose #3. I just think she will like the black and red. What do I know? It is just my feeling. I want some of that Chicken Pot Pie, looks like comfort food. Mmmmm good!

Nikki said...

I am voting for #1-vintage Christmas tree!! I hope that I am a winner!!!!!!! I need a new Christmas apron! (to help you bake Christmas treats with!!)

Whittron said...

I think she'll choose #4 - because that's what I would choose!

Monica Jacob said...

I am going to say #3 cuz if that is the one she picked I wont have much competition and I think it is the cutest! Cute blog Aunt Jann! I keep forgetting to visit but I am going to put coming here more often on my to-do list. (especially if I win! te-he!)

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Grand post...I'm thinkin' ...maybe...#2. Have a grand day and Thanks for letting us play with you! Cathy