I ‘SODA’ Like You!


I thought I would share a fun little Valentine gift idea.  Yesterday I made these soda’s for my granddaughters for a ‘I Love you” gift.

This idea has been around for a couple of years.  I thought that most everyone had already seen them.  On Tues. we had our 10 and 11 year old Activity Day girls make them and they loved them.  The mom’s that saw them had not seen the idea before.  So If you’ve seen it a million times, sorry for the repeat!





Here’s what you need:   A sundae dish or stemmed goblet ( I picked mine up at Thrift and the Dollar store),  A 3 inch Styrofoam ball cut in half., candy, two pixie sticks, foil lips or heart. hot glue.


Fill the cup with assorted candy.  I used M &M’s, (peanut ones will take up more space), Conversation Hearts, & Valentine Candy Corn.  Hot glue the half circle into the glass.  Only put glue around edge, not on bottom.  In case the gift receiver wants to eat the candy.  The Styrofoam pulls out easily if so.  Hot glue Valentine Taffy to completely cover the top.  Hot glue in two pixie soda straws.  The lips or foil heart just give it a bit of whimsy.

Easy Peasy, right?  I am goin to be adding a “I Soda Like You” tag.

The Day of Love is drawing near?  This is kind of a fun thing to share.




Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Jann,

I "soda" like you too!

Great idea,what fun for the girls!!
I just love red & white...
Lots of yummy candies in there.
All the Best,

Peg said...

No matter how many times I see this I still want to say, "soda cute" I know, I am being, "soda cheesy". Love it!

Shannon @ COZY HOME SCENES said...

I bet the kids loved making those. So perfect for this time of year too.

Just wanted to drop by to say congrats! You were included in my Valentine features tonight! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful crafty ideas with us. Have a wonderful Friday!

retrorevival.biz said...

These are darling, Jann! And I hadn't seen them before ~ great idea:)


Rettabug said...

Hi Jann,

Your "sodas" turned out really cute! This is the first year I've seen them...on Pinterest, of course! I made some without the Styrofoam balls, just tucked the taffy on top.

Your “Aunt Grace’s Garden Party” quilt is going to be WONDERFUL!! I hear you on playing catch up. I always feel like I'm behind. LOL


Kelley said...

Lots o' people soda like you, too! Ingenious! Positively precious. Can't imagine what's awaits inside the straw!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I've never seen this before and will make these "sodas" next year for my grandkids.