Oh Happy Day!

Just wanted to give you and update on the $150. Diana, Jeanne, and I ran to Springville this morning so we decided to stop at the gift shop and see if anyone had claimed the cash. The woman I had given it to was not working, but the other employee said "Are you the lady that turned in the money?'" She then told me that it belonged to a young kid and he was so happy and said that it's nice to know there are still honest people in this world. So happy day for him! Sad day for me if I don't get a Mothers Day gift from Falco. Actually, all I really care about is a big HUG and a KISS on the cheek.


McFadden said...

Lucky day for the kid who lost his money that someone like you found it and I really don't think Falco would want to use gutter money for his mom's gift anyway.

Shaleace said...

Thanks for the update. Doesn't it feel great when we do something small and it means the world to someone else.

Peg said...

Jann, you are such an angel! I am so glad you are my friend.