This Buds for You!

Celebrating Memorial Day and visiting the cemetaries caused me to reflect upon the lifes of those who have passed away. So many of them had such a great influence on my life. Starting with my Mother and Step Father. From them I developed the love of gardening. As a teenager I was not required to do too many jobs around the house. One thing I did do was mow the lawn. To this day I still love mowing the lawn and the smell of that freshly cut grass. My Mother was such a kind and generous person. She loved every kind of flower, as do I. My real father died when I was only 9 months old, so my Step Father was my Dad. I love and miss both of them terribly. Shultz's mom passed away two years ago. From her I learned to make delicious homemade stuffing. I can't help but think about her every Thanksgiving as I am stuffing that bird. I think that my oldest brother Dennis left to serve his country right after he graduated. I don't remember spending alot of time with him growing up. I do remember him teasing me, flipping me with a towel, and calling me "Pencil Butt". Isn't that what brothers do best? I had wonderful Aunts that took the place of Grand Parents for me. Aunt Viola and Aunt Dorothy. Yum, I can smell and taste their wonderful bread, custard, and rice pudding. wish I had some right now! Aunt Carma was a classic! She was so beautiful and so much fun! I have two great friends that have passed. Sheron a childhood neighbor and Pam my oh so fun college roomie. I have Sheron to thank for the Gospel. She is the one who invited me to go to Primary with her. Many of my favorite recipes came from Pam. Sweet and Sour Chicken, Lasagne, and Cheese Fondue. I know that these are some of my kids favorites also.
I miss and love all of you and just want to say "This Buds for You!"


Kylee said...

I really like this post mom! I miss grandma june and grandma olson very much. And have always wished i could have met frank.

Remember that card i wrote for him in elementry and called him Grandpa June. Ha, I wonder if he would appreciate that!

Peg said...

I love this post. Just reading through it reminded me of all the ones that I know and love that have gone to an even better place than this beautiful world. I miss them too. Thank goodness for the memories!

Anonymous said...

Awww Jann I love what you've done here. Your "budding" personality is showing! The blossomed pink rose shown above is now the background on the computer in the Administration building at the "Utah State Developemental Center" in American Fork, Utah! I also love reading your memories of Sharon and your dear Auntie's. Makes for a fun read learning things I did not know!
Kim N. Gaisford