Texting is for the Birds!

This sentiment would surely brighten anyones day.

I love this messagee the bluebird delivered.

A close-up to show a bit of the details.

The writing on the back of this one simply says, " Your card
received. Was so glad you had not forgotten me. With love.
The poem on the front is so sweet!

This one was sent from Chicago to Wisconsin. It reads, "Leah
and I were so sorry you and Bernice couldn't come here for the
holidays. Hope you can come some other time. Love Helen

These made the perfect garland to hang below my NEST
letters. I love it!

In February my hubby and I went to St. George. He had a two day conference. While the guys were in meetings two friends and I did a little shopping. One of my favorite stores is Urban Renewal, located on the blvd. It's a consignment shop that doesn't carry just your run of the mill items. Alot of it is vintage and it is so fun that you could browse in there for hours. What a treasure I found, antique postcards! There were so many to choose from but I finally decided to limit myself to the bird and a few blossom ones. One of them was dated 1906 and another 1921. Some of them had hand written messages on the back. As I read them it brought a smile to my face. Their sentiments were very simple but ever so sweet. My daughter, Kylee strung them into a garland for me and then I adorned them with a few embellishments. I love them and the messages they delivered. The other day as I walked past it hanging from my cabinet thoughts
began to run through my mind. I couldn't help but think that soon sending postcards and letters could be a thing of the past. Texting has changed our life! Sure it's very convenient, and it saves alot of time having to call or write people. As for myself, I am NOT a texter. At first I refused and hated the idea of the whole thing. I know that I am a bit old fashioned. Then one day I decided, "oh well, maybe I should learn." Kylee was going to show me but she said that it was too hard to do it on my phone. Right then and there I decided that it wasn't meant for me.
So as far as I am concerned-Texting is for the birds!!


Peg said...

I would be the first one to agree with you, however some of the texts I get, will make my day. They will be a short little love note from one of my kids and even every once in a while my hubby will send me one. It is like an electronic post card. I do still love to get letters and notes in the mail, that is still a great surprise to get something other than junk mail. I love your old post cards. I collect really unique post cards from exotic places. Send me one next time you travel.

Kylee said...

now you are texting foool!

Nichole said...

That is kinda funny since you text more than I do...... at least in the past week! My phone was blowing up from all the mamma Jann texts! Jason said I had to turn my phone off, J/K! Sometimes it's nice when you really can't talk and the funnier the messages get when the person texting you can't type or spell! Keep up the good work!

Jann Olson said...

So true, I really have never liked texting. Then last Fri. Shalona made me learn. She and I both knew that I had to do it alot for a while or I would forget how. ha-ha! Tell Jason that he is on my list, and to remember that he does have a b-day coming up soon. By the way, Dalan has answered me back every time, guess he is my favorite child. lol. Gotta go-quail are pecking at the sliding door.