Interpretative Hiking-Cacti, Facti

Hiking in the Arizona desert

From the top you'll get a birds-eye view

This hike is suited for all family members

Remember, never hike alone! (Jann & Shultz)

Always follow the buddy system

Don't be a bloomin idiot!

Always STICK to the trail.

Beware of strange things lurking in the bushes!

"Which way do we go?"

"Are you sure it's not this way?"
"Where am I?" Caught over a barrel.

Too tired? Let someone carry you.

If you get lost, don't lose your head!

Don't stay in the desert too long or you'll start looking like this.

And end up like this.

Hope you got the 'HOLE' picture!

Orange you glad that you went on this hike?

My hubby and I have went on a few hikes while vacationing in the Arizona Desert. One morning as we hiked the Starr Pass Trail I noticed that the cactus seemed to be talking to us. I thought that I would share the interpretations that we received. Hope you get a chuckle or two.


NIkki said...

This was so funny! I could actually here the cacti talking to you. (and laughing behind your backs) Nice of dad to play along! Great pictures!

Jann Olson said...

Your dad is a good sport! He even came up with some of the ideas. Cacti, Facti was his choice for the title.

McFadden said...

Yes, I got a chuckle of all the different cactus and when you stand the shoot out was a HI-LITE, I was thinking that's not what Julie said this morning, & then I finished reading.

Kylee said...

this is my favorite post of yours!! love it!!

Cindy said...

Jann, You are hilarious!! I loved looking at the pics and comments you crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck! You are so clever and cute!!!! Totally loved every picture and comment.......and cool that Shultz helps!! Not many men would. Love , Love, Love your blog, thanks for sharing :) No wonder you are my IDOL!