Project Run-A-Way

You've heard of project runway? Well, at our house we have what I call project run-a-way. My hubby is very patient because I always have a honey-do list a mile long. Especially, since Spring has arrived, (sortof). I know however, that I have to pace myself and not spring it on him all at once. For example, I bought 3 bird houses that I want placed on poles out in the garden. Last Tues. I stained the poles. When he arrived home from work I said, "look what I did today, do you think we could dig the holes and get them in tonite?" He replied, " I'll see, I don't know if I'm in the mood to dig holes." Then I reminded him that he was going to be gone this weekend and me the next. He then replied, "I'll do what you ask, and if I can't do that then I'll do what I want." This is a new saying that someone at work told him. I think that he may be using it quite often. Sure enough after dinner, shovel in hand he said, "let's go dig the holes and get the posts in." Step 1 was now complete. I was hoping that we would be able to get the birdhouses on the poles the next day, but it was raining. Thursday, he ran away to go fly fishing. The house is awfully quiet and I miss him. However, I know that after renewing his spirits; You know what I mean, being one with nature and all. He will come home a new man and ready to tackle step 2 of project birdhouse. This is just the beginning of my honey-do list for the yard. But, thank goodness that there are alot of streams and plenty of fish to be caught. I really don't mind as long as we can run away now and then together! Hope the fish are biting. It was a week later before we got the bird houses on the poles. Now project birdhouse is complete. Can't wait to plant some scarlet runner beans and Morning Glory vines to grow up them. I hope some little birdies decide to call them home. Now on to the next project.

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Peg said...

Love the bird houses! Bird houses have always been a favorite of mine. Shultz is so good to you!