Chore Girl


A chore chart as cute as this couldn’t help but make anyone a tad excited to dig in and clean.

My daughter, Karrah is hoping that it will do the trick at her house.

A while ago she asked me if I would help her make a chore chart to go in the frame of the Advent calendar I made her for Christmas.

Who knew it would turn out so darn cute?


First of all she started out by making a list of things she wanted done each day or week. Things like: Feed the cat, change the litter box, read, check the mail, dust, clean the bathroom and you know, all those little household jobs.


From there is was off to the craft stores to see what we could find. We found a few items at Hobby Lobby, but we hit the BINGO at Joannes.


We were able to buy a lot that we just embellished a bit and placed them on a tag or some other background. A few we had to create. What do you think of our handmade feather duster and broom?


We only had to work on it two days. The first day we made most all of the magnets. The second we decorated the chart itself. Saydee is only 18 months old but I’m sure Karrah will have her cleaning closets tomorrow.



I simply love the lime green and black! It’s so cute that it almost makes me want to go down to their house and do chores. I said almost!

Here’s hoping that it works a little magic with Taylor!

Happy Cleaning!!

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McFadden said...

Darling, but sorry, it didn't make me want to run to Karrah's and do work. I might would stop by to see the chore chart in real life and have a diet coke.