Groovy. . .


It was a nice day so these two birdhouses took a trip outdoors.

This birdhouse is taking me out of the Beatrix Potter era and into the ‘Hippie’ era. Wouldn’t you know, it’s one of my daughter, Kylee’s favorites.


I had two of my grand daughters over night when I made it.

After I put the fringe and the crochet flowers on I told my 12 year old g.d., Taylor that it looked like a hippie birdhouse.

She replied, “grandma, I don’t think there are hippie birds.”

I answered, “oh Taylor, I bet there are.

She said, “oh yeah, those birds with that fluffy thing on top.” Made a believer out of her.


Notice the music note? Can’t you hear those beatniks in there strumming some instrument?


I decided that no hippie home would be complete without a name. There you have it. . . ‘Hippie Haven’.


This one belongs to a clepto bird.


You know how birds gather the most random things for their nests. That’s what’s going on here. The picture is a little washed out so it’s hard to tell. There is an old heart earing, a silver ring, another rose, and a little bow.

Tomorrow I will feature the last birdhouse and the completed project.

Till then, don’t forget to feed the birds!


Peg said...

Far Out! I swear Kylee is a flower child, she should have been born in the 60's. I can't wait to see the completed project you have been working hard on it.

veryheatherly said...

"Hippie Haven" made my day!! That is so funny and it turned out really cute.