Quilting Retreat. . .Day 1

Last week I went to a fun quilting retreat in the small town of Huntington, Utah


This is Dolly, she was our fun-loving, ever-so-talented hostess.  What is she holding you ask?

It’s our scrap bowl.  Yes, she had a cute bowl sitting out for us to put scraps into whenever we were cutting with our rotaries.

I was so excited when I received her darling invite.


Before heading to Dolly’s, my sister, Jeanne and I drove to our sister Julies house to see all of the remodeling she had been doing.  Boy, had she been a busy little woman.  Everything looked great indoors.   BUT. . .

I swooned over her cute outdoor projects.


Her hubby helped her make these toadstools out of concrete.  Aren’t they the cutest?

And look at these stepping stones her and Dolly made with broken glass dishes that they got dump digging.  Gotta, gotta, make some of these!



I was having so much fun with all of her yard treasures that I almost forgot about the quilt retreat.  I said, almost.  Oh, and there’s more of these clever creations at Dolly’s house.  I’ll be sharing those with you tomorrow.


Each of us were presented with this precut Americana quilt topper


This stamped tag was hanging from the basket.  Yes, only the best for us. I wanted to say us girls, but as you will see there were a few men.  And boy can they quilt!


This is me posing with my new goods.

Each morning we awake to a fun surprise sitting by our machines.


Day 1 we got this sweet soda. . .


With a Cherry on top!

The company is so fun and the food is delicious.  It makes you feel as if you’ve died and gone to Heaven.

I will share a recipe with you each day.

                Antipasto Salad

1 10 oz. pkg. pepperoni slices

1 can (14 0z.) artichoke hearts, drained & quartered

1 c. halved cherry tomatoes or sm. quartered tomatoes

1 c. assorted olives (black, Greek, green stuffed)

4 oz. asst. mozzarella cheeses. (reg., Pepper Jack)

Combine and mix with a bottle of Zesty Italian dressing

(Can use some of the artichoke juice in with the dressing).  Marinate for a few hours.

This was so yummy!  I am going to make it for this Memorial Day weekend.

Enjoy, and till tomorrow (with more quilting adventures), TA-TA!


Whittron said...

I loved everything in this post! I want to make this salad this weekend too!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Wow...this looks it was fun. And those adorable mushrooms. And they made them? Cute!