10 Things I Hate About Spring!

1. Ants coming through the wood floor

2. Raking up 15-20 bags of leaves

3. Cleaning out under the tramp

4. Windows needing to be washed

5. Cleaning the garage

6. Spring Cleaning

7. Taking off the fake nails (it really is a love hate thing)

8. Shidih, A.K.A. Petey shedding cat hair whenever he comes in

9. Hornets returning

10. Needing to lose weight before putting on that swim suit


McFadden said...

I'm surprized you hate anything about Spring. I thought you loved raking those leaves and spring cleaning. You spend so much time outside this time of year I figured you had to Love it.

Kylee said...

mother i can't believe you dont know how to spell peteys name!! its Shadi.... and dont forget it! But i love love love that you included him in your blog, he is so spoiled!

Shaleace said...

You forgot snow!
Well maybe you don't get snow but up here in the northern arctic we do. When I came home from work today there we little snow flurries trying to ruin my day, the nerve!