10 Things I Love About Spring!

1. Daffodils

2. Yellow grass starting to turn green

3. Sunshine on my shoulders

4. Going barefoot out to check the mail

5. Taking off the fake nails

6. Getting dirt under my fingernails

7. Walking with Ann

8. Wearing capris and flip flops

9. Getting sunburned cheeks

10. Planting a Spring Garden


Peg said...

Oh Janni,I love Spring too! Ditto to your ten things and I will add a few more: singing pop corn poppin' on the apricot tree, waking up to sunshine, it just makes you happy, and of course the forsythia blooms on the shrubs always cheer you up from the Winter's gloom.

Jann Olson said...

Peg, You got that right! I looked out the window earlier and the forsythia looked gorgeous even with a blanket of snow all around it. Luv ya! Jann