It's Great to be Eight!

Sunday Braxton got baptised. It was a Stake baptism and the whole chapel plus the over flow was filled. They had a great system going and managed to move us right along quickly. There were 6 kids from his ward, but they only took him and one other girl to the font. Everything went swell-so we thought- until they had moved us all to the Cultural Hall for the Confirmations.
Then they came and said that Braxton needed to be baptised again because Greg had held up the wrong arm. Hey, he's only human. Even though he has done this 8 times, 5 for his own children; and 3 grandchildren. He's only had to repeat it once. I'd say that's a pretty good track record. You can be sure that Braxton won't forget that he got dunked twice. Greg said his little body was shaking he was so cold. Then he had to put those wet whites on again. All in all it was a special day and we are so glad that Braxton chose to be baptised. Greg did a great job Confirming him. He has such a tender heart and the spirit touches him. Although, we think that there must've been something in that water because Greg and Braxton are both sick now. Actually, Greg was already starting to get sick on Sat. I think the water just made him worse.
After the baptism we went back to Lonnie and Tracys house to celebrate for Braxton and Riley(it just happened to be his 11th birthday). I can't believe how old my grandchildren are getting.
Well, Congrats to both and B. we are so proud of you! We look forward to many more baptisms.
I left the camera at Lonnies so I'll have to post pics. later.


McFadden said...

Making mistakes must be running in the family, because you are usually very good at spelling but not this time. I will let you guess what word is wrong.

Shaleace said...

Tell Shultz (sorry I can't call him Greg) not to feel bad. I was dunked 3 times. The first time the prayer wasn't said correctly. The second time my hair floated to the top. Luckily someone noticed and we did not have to get back into wet clothes. That sounds miserable.