Chocolate Bunnies quilt is ready to take to the quilters!


I can hardly wait to see it completely finished! Quilting always adds so much and Becky does such a great job.

At times I never thought this day would come.

Thanks for all of your support. I couldn’t have done it without you! Also, a big hug and kiss for Amanda for letting me use her already prepped freezer templates for my last block and scalloped border. Saved me bunches of time!!!

All but the last block was done with the needle turn applique method. I sort of cheated and finished with the freezer paper method. Oh well, I’ll never tell if you won’t. Oops, I already did!


veryheatherly said...

That is a really cute quilt... I love it!!

Peg said...

I never doubted that you would get it done. It is so beautiful! Love it so much! The scollops really make it adorable. Can't wait to see what Becky does with it. You did good Jann!