Decking out the Deck and Porch

The deck on our home is really small.

Last year we had our table on it which took up a lot of room.  This Spring we built a new patio.  I will be sharing that with you later this week.

Now the deck can just be a sitting area where I can hang out and enjoy my plants.

I bought these chairs at an outlet for $15 each when we first moved in.  They were not chippy like this.  I left them out, by mistake last winter and this is what I got.  LOVE it!


Pansies and Primroses usually have stopped blooming by now.  It’s been cool so they are still performing.


A good place to display some of my vintage finds.


I love to plant unusual containers.  Sedums do well in metal because they can stand the heat.


My little chick-a-dee use to hang out on the front porch.  Now she’s made it around back to the deck.


a bit of my watering can collection.  I collect old and new.  I have a couple of old ones that I’ve planted on my patio. An old tea pot planted with more sedums.


This bench use to be at my table.  I have new chairs so I left it on the deck.  Needs a few more pillows.  Maybe a new color, I’m not sure.


I have blogged about my front porch before so I am just going to show a couple of pics.

This is what it looked like this Spring.


004 (532x800)

This is what it looks like now.

017024 (800x532)022


Gotta say, in the famous words of my mother-in-law.  “Give me a space and I’ll fill it up”.

Can’t help it, what can I say, I just love to decorate!

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Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Go ahead and fill er up. I do the same thing. Love your porches and thanks for sharing them at the summer blog party.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, that was a happy accident, Jann! Those chairs look like what other people try to achieve with paint and distressing. Love your potting bench, too. I'll bet that would come in handy for parties to hold food and/or drink.

deva said...

wow.... nice pictures...

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