Turkey’s in the Oven!

The table is set, pies are made, and the turkey is in the oven.


Kids table.

I found these cute turkey’s for half price last year.


I typed each grand child’s name on scrapbook paper and added it to the base.


The table is tagged.  I’d hate for any of the grandies to get lost. LOL!


Time to reflect while waiting for the arrival of family.

My mind is on Thanksgivings of the past.  I think it’s because so many of the recipes I use for our feast were my sweet mothers and mother in laws.

They were both wonderful cooks.  Thanksgiving was always such a joyous holiday!  I sure do miss them, my father, and brother.

My pecan pie recipe is my mothers and my coconut cream is my MIL’s.

My dressing (stuffing) is a combination of both woman.


The adult table has to be cleared of most of the décor to make room for what’s really important;  family and food!


Centerpiece is a fruit bowl of glitzy and rustic fruit.


mercury glass votive candles line the center.  Each family will take one home.


Trivets awaiting hot yummy sweet potatoes.


Bowls and platters waiting to be filled.



As family arrives:


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner!

Just realized that our oven was accidently turned off for an hour or so.  I think it happened when I cleared the timer after making my coconut cream pie. Dinner may be pushed back. UGH!

See, that’s what happens when you do things differently.  I always make my pies the day before.  Yesterday I made pumpkin, and pecan.  The weather was so nice that I went out to put lights in our trees.  Decided that I would have plenty of time to make coconut and banana cream pie this morning.



Diane said...

Everything looks fantastic Jann. I am only sure that the family doesn't care that dinner was pushed back....more time together. Enjoy. Diane

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Your table looks amazing! Hope dinner got off despite the oven mishap. Folks tend not to care when they are looking forward to a wonderful meal! Enjoy you day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everything turned out great and that you've had a wonderful day! ♥♥♥

Vicki/Jake said...

By now you've all eaten your yummy dinner and swearing not to eat for another week:) Love your decorating, your pies (I can smell them) and you! Now have a great weekend...

Lori E said...

Everything looks so inviting. Your platters and bowls etc. are really cool. I like those a lot.
I have had the same thing happen with my oven one Christmas. My son cooked something on top and accidentally shut off the oven. Kind of wonder when after an hour I didn't smell anything. Lol.

Kris said...

Lovely! Glad you had such a great day! I ADORE my apron!!!

Joanne said...

What beautiful pictures! I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with wonderful new memories!
Blessings, Joanne

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Jann,

What a beautiful Thanksgiving Table!!
Love your serving dishes...
I hope you have recovered after the big day and that you had a lovely time with your family.
Have a great weekend!
All the Best,

Anonymous said...

Napkins go to the left of the plate, not to the right... Pretty table though.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Your table looks so inviting. Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one.