No Bones About it!

I am not a lover of the gory side of Halloween, but for some reason I love ‘Dem Bones!’



Yup, there’s just something about those skellies that makes me smile.



Think about it, if it wasn’t for dem bones none of us would have the amazing body that could do what it does!.

Dem Bones Song

E-ze-kiel cried, “Dem dry bones!”
E-ze-kiel cried, “Dem dry bones!
E-ze-kiel cried, “Dem dry bones!”
Oh hear the word of the Lord.


Amazing how they all connect together.  This is my Halloween anatomy ladder.

The foot bone con-nected to the leg-.bone,
The leg bone connected to the knee bone,
The knee bone connected to the thigh bone,
The thigh bone connected to the back bone,
The back bone connected to the neck bone
The neck bone connected to the head bone
Oh hear the word of the Lord.



The head-bone connected to the neck-bone,
The neck-bone connected to the back-bone
The backbone connected to the thigh-bone
The thighbone connected to the knee-bone
The kneebone connected to the leg bone
The leg bone connected to the foot bone
Oh hear the word of the Lord.





Dem bones hold party favors for the grandies.


Now that I’ve shown you some of‘dem bones’ around my house I want to show you what I saw at my daughters house the other day.

I stopped by there to drop off something that cute little Saydee had left at our house.  I pulled up and this is what I saw.  Oh my did it make me smile!  Even giggle out loud.


Can you imagine driving down the highway and passing this bug with skelly's attacking it?


This poor guy is dragging behind and is missing a limb or two.



Dem bones, dem bones gon-na walk a-roun’
Dem bones, dem bones gon-na walk a-roun’
Dem bones, dem bones gonna walk aroun’
Oh hear the word of the Lord.

Just be careful on all Hallows Eve.  It’s been told that some of ‘Dem Bones’ gonna walk around.

One of them might be me!


Found my skelly shoes at T.J Maxx last year.  Too cute to not buy!  Ha, ha, still have my flip flop tan line.


Yup, “No bones about it”, I love‘Dem Bones!”


p.s. I want to thank Tammy from One More Time Events for featuring my Black and White Pumpkin

I will be sharing with these fun parties: 

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Phyllis @Around the House said...

Oh Dear I too love those bones, love them always getting into trouble, climbing and making a mess,, my oh my yours are wonderful...I love the spiders too, I think I do love the gory but I love your bones...Phyllis

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh Jann those skeltons on the bug car!!! Tooo funny.
Love that you get into Halloween. I bet the kids in your neighborhood love coming to your house for Halloween treats.

Sarah said...

I'm not one for the scary side of Halloween, but this is a darling post. You need my bone shaped sprinkles. '-)

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

What a fun post Jann! And love the old song too. I must say the bug with the attack of the skellies is pretty funny. I'd have to pull off the road and have a major laughing breakdown if I saw that on the road. Great fun! and I love the Party Animals that have been causing trouble. Leave it to a murder of crows with party hats to keep you up all night.

Have a fun fun fall Jann!

Blessings, Edie Marie

The Old Parsonage said...

What a fun post - love all the skellies. Especially love the bug full of skellies!

Enjoy your week!

NanaDiana said...

You can have all MY bones that I might have hanging around here- expect the ones that are attached to ME, of course. I have one lonely glow-in-the-dark skeleton hanging by the playhouse. lol

I LOVE what you did wid' all dem bones! xo Diana

ibshell said...

AHHHHH! That was GREAT!! the shoes. ENCORE!! ;)

cynthia lee designs said...

Love your shoes and all Dem Bones!!

priscilla said...

Great job decorating with "bones" !
Love the car !

One More Time Events said...

Oh my Goodness Jann...those skeletons on the bug are just too funny! Great job! Thanks for sharing at One More Time Events...hugs Tammy

Rose L said...

Do they really drive with all those skeletons on the car!???

Betsy said...

So love this post! The bones on the VW is hilarious!


Fabulous post, I love it! Thank you for hosting this great party!
Have a nice evening.

Tea in the Library said...

OMG! LOVE the skeleton bug!!! Thanks for sharing! I am still catching up after my time at the beach with the girls. How does being away for a few days put me so far behind?