Off to the Beach. . .

Hello my friends,
I'm sure that most of you know that I have been very busy helping my friend with her Aunts estate.
We have held 5 sales so far and there is still lots of treasures to be found in the home.
It has been fun, but also tons of work!
I'm in dire need of some R&R.
(rest and relaxation)
So guess what?  Hubby and I are off to the beach!
I have been running rampant with a nautical theme this year for my summer décor.  So why not continue with it for my kitchen tablescape?
Some time ago I picked up a bag of Americana paper items at our local thrift shop.  One of the things inside was a kit containing the supplies to make these little sailboats.  My granddaughter, Paityn saw them and wanted to make them for me.  I happily let her.  :)
I sat a little boat inside a shell and placed them on the
stack of dishes.
I've had these dishes for years.  When the wooden chargers started looking a bit beat up I sanded them more.  Now and then I think about repainting them, but haven't yet.  I had four of the striped salad plates made by Tag.  A couple years ago I found two more at a thrift shop.  I bought them just in case.  I only have four of the star trimmed dinner plates, but you never know when you might need another salad plate.  (wink)
Not sure if we'll get to do any sailing, but boy am I ever anxious to dip my toes in the ocean!
Last year I picked up a scrap bag at a quilters garage sale.  It was filled with precut sailboat squares and some navy fabrics.  I knew it would make a perfect table topper.  My friend Amanda quilted it for me.  I asked her if she could quilt it to look like waves.  Didn't she do a fantastic job?
I don't think I will look nearly as cute in my swimsuit as this sweet thing, but let's just not go there!  lol!
This fun tag was created by a blog friend, Dorothy from
Hensrule She showed it on Fb and I commented how cute it would be with my beach theme.  She's so sweet and sent it to me.
I love the two little fishing bobbers!  You guessed it, both them and
the cake plates are thrift finds as well.
I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.  I have two sets of these S&P.  Both found at thrift shops.  I have one on the table and one set in my tiered tray on our island.
The speckled tray did not come from a thrift shop.  I bought it at a damaged goods store.  ha ha!
This girl loves a bargain!!
I didn't want to cover up too much of the quilt topper, so I kept the centerpiece simple.  Lanterns hanging from the chandy remind me of something that might be hanging from a beach shack.
I added my seltzer bottle with the idea of, "staying hydrated".
You know how that sun and sand can dehydrate you.
And where are we going?  Well, a while ago I opened my copy of the Victoria magazine.  I thumbed through the pages and I saw an article about a fun resort in Carmel, CA.  I mentioned to hubby that I had a couple of blog friends that had been there and loved it.  He said, "let's book it".  We've booked one of their cottages only a half block away from the beach for 3 days.  Before we head there we are going to spend a few days in Napa.
We're doing a road trip, so I'm certain that I may be sharing more thrift finds with you in another post.
Happy Sailing,


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh Jann, what a fun tablescape. I love your quit top it looks terrific with your dishes.

Oh what a fun trip to Carmel, CA , you will really enjoy your time there, so many little quaint shops. There is an Italian Restaurant with a tree growing up in the middle. I can't remember the exact name but it has a Italian. I am sure if you asked the people there would know it. I had dinner there twice and the food was excellent.

Napa will be a lot of fun too. Love the Cakebread Winery.

Have a terrific time and enjoy.


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Carmel is wonderful, have a great time. Love your quilt topper, and you really do have a good eye for vintage finds! Kindred spirit.

Louca por porcelana said...

Love all this red,blue and white!So beautiful!Enjoy your holidays!Xoxo.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Sounds wonderful to me.

ellen b said...

Love this table! I found 4 of those striped plates at Goodwill and now I'm inspired to layer them. Have a great time in Carmel!

Rita C at Panoply said...

How terrific, Jann! I love your quilt and how your friend stitched it. It really does look like waves. Every little detail on that table is adorable (I like the distressed look on the chargers!).
Have fun in Carmel and Napa!

Rose L said...

Cute! Have a relaxing and memorable time at the beach!

Old Time Cindy said...

Can't go wrong with a red, white, and blue theme! Have a great and safe trip.

Susie said...

Jann, I love all of it so much. I have always thought nautical things had to mean summer. Have a fun time , use your sunscreen . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Jeanie said...

This looks like a jolly good time and a pretty, cheerful one, too. Love the nautical theme. (Dorothy is a good friend indeed -- and a talented one. The tag is darling!)

It sounds like a perfect getaway and one that is well deserved. Have a grand time!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Enjoy your trip! I love Napa and Carmel! Your table is adorable!

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

You are going to two of my favorite places. Carmel is lovely and Napa is just plain fun. Have a great time.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a great nautical tablescape!! Very festive!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!!

happyone said...

Enjoy your trip to the beach. : )

Linda W. said...

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Jann, I love Carmel. I haven't been there for many many years. I hope you have lovely weather and a restful adventure! xo

PS Love your decor!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Love all your Americana decor, and the cutest little tag ever! What a sweet friend :) Sounds like a lovely getaway for you and your husband, will look forward to hearing about it when you get back :)