Early Morning Weeder

When our youngest son, Dalan told us that he and his fiancé, Sam (Short for Samantha) wanted to be married in the gardens of our Highland home I was elated.

After all, three of our children have been married there.

We still own this home, and he rents it from us.

The first year after we moved I maintained the gardens.  This year I decided it was just too much and to let my son take the wheel.

Now, I’m not boasting; but over the years this home has won two Highland Fling garden awards and was featured in two garden tours.

He really had done a pretty good job, but
OH, MAMA has been away too long!

The backyard didn’t require much, but the front needed a little TLC.

So, as of late; I have become an early morning weeder.  You know how some people like to wake up early and read a bit?  Same idea only I weed, and edge.

After about 20 hrs. the old place didn’t look too bad.

The wedding was wonderful, and the Bride and Groom stunning!







It’s legal folks!




Little man, Jack was so handsome in his tux!

There are way more pics. I will be sharing.

But here’s a bit of the décor.

Side yard entrance:








Front yard:




Back yard:




Sam’s cousin, Heather took her pictures.  Look at some of these gorgeous bridals.



These were taken in the Salt Lake State Capital Building.

It was a wonderful evening!

Old Man Wind blew frightfully hard for a few minutes and we had dark clouds with a tiny sprinkle or two.

Then the grey skies turned to blue and the air was ever so still.

I so enjoyed seeing old neighbors, family and friends.  What a joyous occasion!

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Bunnym said...

Everything looks very charming...including the bride and groom...Good work mama!


Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

Oh, happy day! Good job on the beautiful venue (!) and congratulations!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Looks like a wonderful wedding. The photography looks amazing! I love the trend of home and more charming weddings...

mimi_62 said...

Jann & Schulz:

The wedding reception couldn't have been more beautiful. The yard was stunning. How I envy those trees--shade is so wonderful in the summer.

Glad the wind stopped blowing. I was worried. The bride looked beautiful and Dallin so handsome. He sure looks like his dad.

Rest now. You deserve it.

Kris said...

Stunning couple! Beautiful yard!! Congratulations...such happy times!!

Diane Writes said...

I always love to see wedding pictures. And I must say the wedding of your son was one of the nicest I've ever seen. I love the bride's dress and the details of the wedding. The cake is a winner too. It looks so unique and beautiful. Congratulations and best wishes to the couple! :)

Angela said...

Oh my goodness gracious girl...how beautiful. What a gorgeous couple. I almost got all teary eyed looking at the pics..you think it was my son,,LOL...The yard is ever so nice. Loved all the vignettes that were made and that cake..oh my..I NEED some dessert now..LOL

Anonymous said...

You have got to miss that yard. It is so cute. I can see your hand in the decorating. Recognize some of your treasures. Very cute. Wish I could have been there. The bride was beautiful, love her hat. She reminds me of Tina Smith, Cherry Hill Cottage lady.(maybe when she was younger?) Looking forward for more pics.
Lady Di

Joanne said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love all the creative stands for all the pictures.
Blessings, Joanne

Peg said...

The wedding was beautiful. I was so glad the wind stopped and it was calm and a very nice evening to be out doors. The bride and groom were gorgeous and I just have to say you and Shultz looked fabulous too. The gardens looked wonderful. I was so glad I got to attend and see all the prettiness. You do really good work Jann!

Barbara F. said...

Congratulations to the happy couple. Everything looks lovely. Visiting from Blue Monday. xo,

My name is Riet said...

Everything looks so charming. What a beautiful bride and I love little Jack in his little tuxedo. You must have had a wonerful time.

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Jann,

Congratulations to the Bride & Groom!! Everything is beautiful. Love the setting...
All the Best,

SmilingSally said...

What a gorgeous bride, and the groom is good-looking too. WOW, that cake is impressive!

Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy Blue Monday!


bj said...

What a beautiful wedding..the bride and groom are both sooo good looking. :)
Happiness to them always.
xo bj

Mildred said...

Wow! Such a fabulous wedding and beautiful people! Love the garden too!
Thanks for sharing;o)

¤ Have a nice and happy week ¤

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Jan, These pictures are great...The bride and groom are a beautiful couple. I wish them years and years of happiness and good health. The attention to detail is wonderful...love all the turquoise, especially the wheelbarrow!

Kim, USA said...

Wow I love the photos and I love the garden decoration. Congratulations!!

Blue Monday

Pie said...

What a beautiful couple. Love all the blues.

My Blue Monday is here.

Jeanne said...

My, what a gorgeous setting and wedding. A garden wedding is always so romantic. I so glad the weather turned out well for the beautiful bride and groom. Many wishes to them for happiness and a long loving marriage.

Your yard certainly is beautiful and I loved the photos placed around for everyone to share. a wonderful well planned event to be proud of in every way.
Hugs, Jeanne

Jane said...

How very beautiful! I love simple weddings...especially in such a beautiful setting.

colorchic said...

What a beautiful, lovely wedding! The garden is wonderful!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Such a solemn and Lovely celebration!

Late visiting for BM, here's my Blue post. Have a great day!