Road Trip…Glacier National Park

Because of our many stops along the way, we did not arrive to the park until 5 p.m.

We decided that we didn’t have a lot of time for hiking.

Thus we opted to drive the “Going-to-the-Sun Road”.  It is noted to be one of the world’s most spectacular highways. The 50 mile long road follows the shores of the park’s two largest lakes and hugs the cliffs below the Continental Divide as it traverses Logan Pass.  Later we found out that it had only been opened for two weeks.

So that hubby could get the most of the scenic view I opted to take the wheel.

The road was very high up, winding, and narrow.  Oh, and parts of it were under construction.  Funny thing is, I’m more afraid when someone else is driving.

That’s probably because I can look down and realize how high we really are.  When driving I have to keep my eyes on the road.

Even so, I managed to see how gorgeous it was.



Wall of Water – this doesn’t do it justice.  It was really long.  In some parts the water came down very fast.


This next pic gives you a slight glance of the road.


Logan’s Pass. Here we sighted a group of mountain goats.  Hubby tried to get a pic, but realized that the camera was turned off.


View this video so you can get a feel of how it was driving this highway.

“Going-to-the-Sun Road”

Sure hope you don’t get car sick!

Guess what?  My give away project is almost complete.

Traveling Treasures Tomorrow!  Try saying that three times fast.


Kris said...

SO beautiful!!!

poppilinnstudios said...

Eeeeek! I'm afraid of heights while driving or hiking with my teens! (Alone I'm fine.) Thanks for the video. So beautiful! I would LOVE to take that trip!

Peg said...

Breath taking views. I love mountains! They are one of my favorite things. So glad you shared this with us. I lived in Montana for three Summers but never made it to Glacier.

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Jann,

Wow, it looks like you and your husband are on one fantastic road trip!! Your pictures are just breathtaking all those beautiful mountains...
All the lovely memories you two are making. Have a safe journey home...
All the Best,

Unknown said...

I noticed you became a follower and came over to see you blog...only to find you were in my country!! Sorry, you don't live here full time but I sure enjoyed reading your blog. I just got back from MaryJane's! The pale turquoise and red is in my vintage trailer! I just keep loving those colors. Ha, we have a lot in common. See you soon.