What’s Your Favorite Aisle?

My blog friend, Shasta from In the Old Road is having a link party.  Our assignment was to go take a pic of your favorite aisle at the grocery store and tell why.

Once a month this is my favorite aisle.  The rest of the month I ignore it.  Let me explain why.


When I was a young girl I was very blonde.  The summer before 8th grade my older sisters, Julie and Jeanne took me aside and said, “your hair is mousy”.  You know, just kind of dishwater color?  They said, you either need to go blonde or darker.  Blonde it is!   Off  to the store and we bought ‘Summer Blonde’ hair color.  There are 5 girls in my family.  Only me and my sister, Dolores are blonde.  The others are dark.

From that day on, I have colored my hair.  For years I have just put it on the roots instead of all over. 

Now days, I am not just covering the dark roots, but the grey also.

And in the famous words of L'Oreal, which is the brand I use:

I’m Worth It!  Ha-ha, remember that commercial?

All I can say, is whether or not that old saying “blondes have more fun” is true or not.  This blondie has a lot of fun and I sure don’t want to take any chances!  lol!

What’s your favorite aisle?





Diane Writes said...

My favorite aisle is the chips and junk foods LOL! I am a sucker for junk foods. Wish I could join the party too.

Ky said...

mom, I love your blonde hair! real or not!

Anonymous said...

Loreal is a great one! It's not enough for me anymore though, but their root touch up is awesome! Yay for Summer Blonde!!! Paula @ www.stuffitellmysister.me ♥

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I can remember using that for several years. My favorite aisle though is the one that has all the Seasonal products on it! xo Diana

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I teach school...so I always say, "Thank God for hair color!"
My favorite aisle is the cookie aisle...more's the pity!

The French Hutch said...

Oh Jann, you brought back memories for me with this post! I discovered "Summer Blonde" in HS and never looked back. I did go through "streaked" periods on and off but I will always remember how pleased I was with my blonde locks. Blonde Now and Always! Thanks for the memories!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's always so much fun to read something you could have written yourself! Let's see...to start with, my sister's name is Delores! Close! And I'm dishwater blonde. My hair was almost white when I was growing up but got mousey. I color it with Nice and Easy and I stay with a kind of dirty blonde. The neat thing is the Florida sunshine bleaches it out. I just colored it last week and you can tell I haven't been in the sun yet! This is probably more than you want to know.....heeheehee! ♥♥♥

Shannon said...

Oh my Jann..this one made me really have to think... What is my favorite isle! Probably before I would have said junk foods..but I try to avoid that now!! I love all the shiny nail polishes and such I guess...who would have thought a simple question would cause such deep thought..lol!!

★Carol★ said...

I remember using Summer Blonde, back in the day! But that is NOT my favorite aisle, because I hate coloring my hair. I think my favorite aisle would be the one that sells frozen dinners, because I also hate to cook!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I am with you--I am a "used to be blonde". I am right there in the aisle with you. I also like Loreal. My hair started turning white at age 25 (something that happens in our family!)and I have been making it blonde unnaturally ever since. My son when he was little once talking to a friend pointed at me and said, "she is the yellow haired one" :)