Babes in the Woods. . .

In my last post I featured some cute vintage strawberry glasses that I recently purchased at an Antiques Mall.


On the bottom left side of each glass is has this:


I wondered if the initials T. S. stood for too sweet.

Only after one of my cute bloggy friends, Julie Marie from Idyll Hours told a sweet story of what she imagined the initials stood for did thoughts of a childhood song come rushing to my mind.  Her story can be read on my comments on the previous post.  It has a much happier ending than mine.

My mom use to sing this song to us girls.  Warning:  this could cause tears to roll down your cheeks.

                     Babes in the Woods

Poor babes in the woods went strolling one day.

Got lost in the woods, so some people say.

Got lost in the woods and laid down and died.

Poor Babes in the woods!  Poor Babes in the woods!

And while they were dead the Robins so red,

brought strawberry leaves and over them spread.

And all the day long, they sang a sweet song;

Poor babes in the woods!  Poor babes in the Woods!


Mom said that after she would sing it we would bawl and with tears running down our cheeks say, “sing it again, sing it again”.

Now, I must admit, I sang this song , as terrible as it may seem, to my own children.  I have also sang it to my grandchildren.  Mostly when they are infants and a bit fussy.  I put my mouth to their ear and sing it ever so softly.  Seems to work every time.  Who knows, maybe they are traumatized and don’t dare cry. lol!

Not only do I sing it for children, but one of my friends hubby always asks me to sing it.  For some reason people just want to hear this song.  No matter how sad it may be.  Honest, if you heard me sing you would know it’s no treat.  The words are captivating and you want to hear it over and over again.  Even if it makes you cry.

We are not sure where the origin of the song came from.  My sister, julie’s step daughter found a book titled ‘Babes in the Woods” and bought it for her. The book tells the same sad story as the song.  Now we know that this is a true song and not just something our mother made up.

I’ve decided that the T & S on the glasses stands for TOO SAD!  Everytime I look at or use these glasses I will think of those Poor Babes!


Have any of you heard this sad song before?




NanaDiana said...

I haven't heard it in song form but I have read it somewhere before. I would love to hear it sung! Love your strawberry glasses too. xo Diana

Linda said...

I have never heard this before - so sad! But such a wonderful story...I love the strawberry glasses, whatever the TS stands for!

Sam I Am...... said...

I grew up in the Midwest and never heard it. Maybe because it was all farmland and few woods?

Diane Writes said...

Hi Jann! I haven't heard of the song. But despite it being sad, I believe one reason why a song because special is because of the person who sings it. In your case, I feel that your friends and family felt something sincere and special every time you sing that song.

By the way, I'm doing Beautiful Sunday tomorrow, I'll be happy if you will link up again.

have a great weekend!

Julie Marie said...

Oh Jann, what a beautiful post once more... I love this song and would love to hear you sing it...I have never heard it before... I also love traditions unbroken... and am so happy you sing it to your children and grandchildren... to me, it is a bittersweet song... and I find it quite beautiful... for I am not thinking about the sadness in it... only the beauty of the Robins spreading strawberry leaves over them... and how incredibly wonderful Nature is... I think the T~S is also for Too Sweet... much love, xoxo Julie Marie Sing it again... pretty please???...

Michele said...

Is this a shortened version of the tune?

I fund it on Youtube...(cut and paste from url below, can't make it a link on comments section, sorry.)

It's pretty - and so sad! The lady has a lovely voice.

pembrokeshire lass said...

I've never heard of that song before. I think I would like a happy ending!! I love the bluebelle woods picture. Something about those always gets me! I also like the glasses and think the letters stand for "Too Sweet" Have a good weekend. Joan

Charade said...

Am I the only one who doesn't care for this at all? Do you think it came from the time that nursery rhymes were nothing more than disguised political commentary?

Barbara F. said...

Gee, that is a sad story. I would like to think that someone hand painted the glasses and those are their initials, or, they were given as a wedding gift to a nice couple named Tom and Sue or Teresa and Steve! Thus the entwined hearts. Just saying. xo

♥ my diary♥ said...

nice post thanks for sharing...looking to visit more...blessings

Anonymous said...

Another one for never having heard that little ditty. The glasses are darling though :)

Julie Marie said...

Dear Charade... how sad you think nursery rhymes were nothing more than disguised political commentary... they were an innocent time in my childhood... (and many others as well) I loved them then and I love them now... nothing political about it... Julie Marie

Micupoftea said...

Never heard this before. Your glasses are charming~

Jill said...

That really is sad but the glasses are not, so pretty!!

Vicki/Jake said...

Nope, never heard it either. Funny how people see things, I remember the old nursery rhymes and as I got older I saw how they were really kinda scary (not politically to me) but not as a kid. They were just something normal to repeat. Lifes to short and silly to be sad anyway:)

Monica Jacob said...

Hey Aunt Jann!
I grew up all my life hearing this song (as I am sure you know!) and even though it is a sad song, it never seemed sad to me. It has always been a song that reminds me of my mom, my aunties and my sweet grandma. I always sang it to my kids and I am sure I will sing it to my own grandchildren. It has always seemed special, I think, because I have never met anyone else who knows it. I will always love it I am sure.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Jann...lullaby's are often sad I think. I have never heard this one but some just seem to come down through the ages passed from generation to generation. Monica proves it. :)
Songs, and poems written years ago seemed to have an awful lot to do with death and dying. I have books of poetry from my Grandmother who was a teacher and
the poetry in it mainly has to do with death.
The story behind the song is probably true. It's possible that two children DID wander into the woods and were lost. The song was possibly made for them...who knows..but it was meant to be a beautiful story of the birds caring enough to cover them with their lovely wildwood blanket.

I wish I could hear you sing lovely that would be.