The Cold Shoulder. . .

First of all, I want to thank Cindy from Old Time Farmhouse for featuring my Weekend Whites post. and Lavender Garden Cottage for featuring my Silver and Gold Christmas Tree post.  I truly appreciate it!

Hi my friends.  Just wondering, have you ever entered a room and had someone give you the cold shoulder?

That’s been happening to me every single evening for the past month.  I thought that now Christmas is over that it would stop.  But no, it’s going to continue till the end of January.

Come on in and I’ll show you why.  Really, this snow garland above the door should have been an indication.


And how about my chalkboard canvas.  Do you think it was trying to warn me?


Or this fella hanging on the bedroom door?


What about this gal standing just inside the door?


Even my ‘Winter Wonderland’ quilt on my bed didn’t explain why.



Why I was getting the cold shoulder.  Actually, it was more than just the shoulder.  It was cold legs, arms, feet, and hands.  In other words, my whole body.

I didn’t know why until I saw what was hanging out in my bedroom.  A cabinet full of frosty fellas.  And look, they were even encouraging it to snow.  Right in my bedroom.  Can you imagine?




Oh my, even more of those cold hearted guys on my fireplace ledge.


This one stands guard at the fireplace.  I would turn it on, but I wouldn’t want him to melt.  No matter how cold he is I couldn’t be so cruel.


This one is hiding behind double glass.


Oh well, if it gets too cold I guess I’ll just have to climb into my cozy bed and…


read myself a bedtime story.


And if it gets really bad I could just skate right out of here.




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Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

Oh, what a sweet cold shoulder! I LOVE that quilt. Amazing. Looks wonderful with all those cozy pillows! So pretty! I love the garland too. I SWORE up and down I'd make something like that this year on a string of lights....oh well. I sure enjoyed yours! I guess that counts :)

Michele said...

SUCH an adorable post.

Hope you get lots of snow to build yourself a snowman soon, Jann!!!!!

Ivy and Elephants said...

So cute! That's the kind of cold shoulder I don't mind.
Wishing you a happy (and frosty) new year!

Unknown said...

Love all your snowmen - especially the round one with the cute teddy bear. Thanks for a delightful visit for Pink Saturday.

Kris said...

Cute post Jann! I love all of your snowmen!!!
It is quite chilly here too, and I am enjoying it so much!
XO Kris

Pollyanna said...

I totally agree with Karen, what an amazingly charming quilt ... can't imagine being a bit chilly with that around!!! Lovely, snuggly and fun ... of course I have always been a fan of red work!! Also, love the snow ball garland on top of the cabinet with the snowman. But alas, I am living with lots of snowmen myself ... so I sort of get it! "shiver"

Old Time Cindy said...

Great bed...the design, the quilt, the pillows! Was happy to feature you at Country Whites Weekend!
Farmhouse hugs,

Unknown said...

What a lovely post Jann!!!
Love all your decorations - if you want a cold shoulder come on up to Montreal - 18 inches of snow yesterday!

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Great collection of snowmen and women, Jann. I just love the snowman with tree that's looking up.

Pamela Gordon said...

Now don't let those snowmen give you the cold shoulder Jann! :) You have a sweet collection of snowmen and I love your winter quilt. Stay cozy.

must love junk said...

Such a cute post! I agree with everyone else-that quilt is fantastic! Have a Happy New Year :)

Unknown said...

Love your light hearted post! Great decor in your bedroom! Love your quilt too!

Gina said...

I love all your snowmen! So cute! I think it's fun to use them into January. It's still winter after all!

Your quilt is beautiful & I love your snowy garland too!

Denise said...

Thank you for visiting My blog. At first I really thought some one was treating you badly-tehe- So glad I was wrong. Love all your snowy friends and lovely decor. Your bedroom,I truly love :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! You really had me at first! I was feeling so sad that someone was being mean to you! Ha-ha! I'm so gulible!

Love all your snowmen! ♥

Denise Marie said...

Lovely! fav is!!

Salmagundi said...

I'm in love with the red work quilt. Something very appealing about that old-time embroidery technique. Happy New Year to you!! Sally

Elena said...

Your cold shoulders are so cute!! I love your quilt, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing all your lovely decorations :)

Barbara F. said...

Brrrrrr but they all seem so "cuddly" too! Happy New Year! xo

Bernideen said...

All very cute Jan!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Rose L said...

LOVE that quilt!

mimi_62 said...

LOVE the gal outside your front door!! Love her apron.

Unknown said...

SO clever-love it!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Cold shoulder for sure! look at all of those snowmen! It is great! Loving the red and white in your bedroom it looks so pretty!!!! Congratulations on all of your features.
Jann, here is wishing you a Happy New Year.

cynthia lee designs said...

Great snowman the snowman quilt!!
Congrats on your features.
Happy New Year!

NanaDiana said...

Now THAT'S the kind of cold shoulder you WANT to get....much better than the snobby girl behind the tres chic counter!:>) xo Diana

The Farmers Daughter said...

Well, it's a beautiful cold shoulder they're giving you! Congrats again on the features!
Hugs for the New Year,

Chenille Cottage said...

What a darling post, Jann!
As you know I love snowmen in a big way! You have added so many "cool" little guys to your bedroom! I love them all.

Yippee!!!! You finished your Wintertime red and white quilt! I wish I could say the same. I am still working on finishing the redwork on mine. I love the scalloped border...It's so much sweeter than a plain one. Maybe I'll have it done for Christmas of 2013, 14, 15???

Blessings to you, my dear sweet friend. I am so thankful for your fond friendship!

Big hugs,
Carolynn xoxo

I am flying to sunny San Diego tomorrow for the birth of my little grandson. I'm so excited...My Grammy heart is ready to burst with joy!

pembrokeshire lass said...

Well, I don't know what to say! Perhaps you could send some over here and I could look after them for ou? Seriously, though, love them all. Joan

Pondside said...

That was very cute! No cold shoulders up here, but if you're not carrying an umbrella you'll have wet shoulders.....

Terry said...

What a nice post! I loved the "cold shoulder." So creative! Your snowmen are beautiful. So is your red quilt!

Happy New Year!