‘Showing a Little Love’ Challenge. . .Day 3 & Valentine Features

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday’s challenge was so easy and yet, I must confess that I didn’t accomplish it until this morning.

Saturday turned into a galavanting day and then my son’s family came and visited for quite some time.  Which we had so much fun playing with their two boys.  Then dinner and t.v. down time and I forgot until it was too late in the evening.

Three of my older sisters live over 2 hrs. away and I don’t get to see them very often.  Especially during the Winter.  I hadn’t talked to two of them since Christmas.  I tried calling all three, but only got one at home, my oldest sister, Joanne.  We had a good visit and I was happy to find that her and hubby are doing well.

Today’s challenge is something that I have thought about for a while now.  I am sure that all of my children know that I love them.  However, I am not one that tells it to them real regularly.  Although, I must admit that I am much better than I use to be.  I decided that I am going to write each one of them a letter and tell them specific things that I love about just ‘them’!  Each one has their own special personalities and traits that I adore.  I think it’s high time I let them know exactly what they are!

Now for a few Valentine features from my recent Share Your Cup parties.

Trisha from Glass Slippers and All Sorts of Stuff shared her sweet Valentine corner with her darling chippy door. 


Vicki form Life in my Empty Nest created this fun yarn tree.

Photo Jan 15, 2013 4_28 PM

And Kathe with an e came up with this clever wreath using leftover Christmas tinsel.


To find out how these were all made, hop over and visit them!

Hope you’ve been ‘Showing a little Love’ lately!

Hugs and Happy Super Bowl!




Trisha said...

Thanks for showing me the love and featuring my Valentine Corner!


Kathe said...

Thanks for showing my Valentine's Day wreath Jann! You know I love visiting you :-)

Ky said...

Mom you really inspire me with your kindness. I can't wait to get this special letter. I love being your daughter and can't wait to see you soon!

Lynda Bergman Decorative Artisan said...

Sooo nice!! Lynda

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

So very sweet! Lots of love in the air. I just re-designed Nanns table. She is now. Ladynann.com
She told me you two are neighbors.

snwflake76 said...

I'm still waiting for my super Bowl party Invite, and still no mention of your driver yesterday.... Hmmmm cute stuff though ;)

Sarah said...

Your children will treasure these letters. My mom, now 98, took the time to write just such a letter to each of her children many years ago. I still have my letter. I'm so happy she thought to do this years ago when she was alert and able to share her loving thoughts.

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

Thanks for all the inspiration Jann, I normally don't decorate for Valentines Day but you have made me want to this year!

Teresa @Magazine Your Home


Lovely features, and your letters are great..never thought of it! Happy belated birthdays to your daughter and Fil. My little grand was six the 26th. of January, my Bil the 20th., my niece the 1st. and hubby the 28th., so many Acquarious in January! Have a great week, lovely lady.

Anonymous said...

I love your idea of writing letters to your children! My ex husband filled a blank journal for each of our 2 daughters (Hannah 23, Becca 18)! He started each book prior to their birth...writing about my pregnancy, their birth and finished each while they were fairly young! It was a great way for him to share those early memories...He will give the girls their Books as a wedding gift/first baby or when it feels like the perfect time!

Maureen Wyatt said...

I'm trying to catch up to you. I think I'll have #1 done tomorrow.

Kris said...

Love that wreath! And I love all of your thrifty finds in previous post! Wow..you hit the jackpot!!
xo Kris