The Makings of a Vignette. . .

Yesterday I went for a hair cut.  Afterwards I thought I would stop off at our local thrift.  Bet you can’t guess what I was hoping to find. . .yup, another picnic hamper.

Well, didn’t find that, but soon I was tossing a few items into my cart.

As I headed out to the yard area to see if there was any other special ‘junk’ I glanced into my cart.  I realized that I had the makings of a fun vignette.  And yes, I did find something fun in the yard that I will share later.

This is just a little ‘sneak peek’.


I found this large tray for $1.50


The little glass (whatever) I thought I would use as a mjni cloche and the bottle with the silver trim were both $.50


I knew right away that this $3 candlestick would be great for Halloween.


Not wanting to wait I thought I would throw together a Fall vignette.

This morning two of my friends and I went to an estate sale.  Afterwards we stopped by T.J. Maxx.  I told myself that I was ‘NOT’ going to buy Fall or Halloween!

Well, guess who had to eat their words.


I bought a pumpkin and an owl. . .but look how cute they are!  At $9.99 ea. I couldn’t resit.  I love the plaid fabric and the wooden stem on the pumpkin.  And those owl eyes, sigh!

My friend Peggy gave me a belated birthday gift.  It was a wire basket full of goodies.  Tied to the top was this sunflower and burlap.  I wrapped the stem with a piece of green ribbon and added it and a couple of numbers to the pumpkin.

I googled to see when the first day of Autumn was.  Wouldn’t you know that it is Sept. 22nd.  Darn, I only had one #2.  So I did the next best thing, 30 days till Autumn.  Really though, I think I will change it to a 9 for Sept.  Doubt I will count down the days.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that I got a baggie of the wooden numbers at T.J’s for $2.


I added some acorns and berries inside the cloche, a paper feather, and a piece of parchment  paper that I slightly curled the ends.


I love mixing the old with the new.

All sitting atop my thrifted tray.  Easy Peasy. . .A Fall vignette!


I just played with it a little today.  It won’t come out until September.  Who knows, by then it may change a little.


Don’t you love it when something comes together that easy?



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Pamela Gordon said...

It looks great Jann. I like the pumpkin and adding some things to it makes it even better. Yes, fall is just a month away. I'll probably start putting out some fall things after the first of September as our fall colours start earlier here. I'm already seeing a few leaves changed here and there. Have a great weekend. Pam

Salmagundi said...

You always have that creative vibe that I envy! I love Autumn and am thinking about it, but so far -- nothing here!! Sally

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That looks like a Halloween owl! I love it and the big pumpkin, too! What fun!

LV said...

That is why I do not go to the malls or thrift stores too often. If I do not go,I will not buy something I really could do without. You did good on your outing.

Jeannie Marie said...

I'm feeling Fall is in the air!

Sarah said...

A fun way to spend the day. ;-)

falco said...

oh man I thought you were making a Vinaigrette, and I wanted some but I think I'll pass on the Vingnette.

Pollyanna said...

Funny how that happens, I was shopping second hand in Provo one day, and someone came up and commented on how everything in my cart went together ... Cool!

NanaDiana said...

Looks pretty darned cute to me. I do love it when things just seem to FALL together...get it..Fall? Fall Vignette...never mind- it's late and I really need to lol Have a great night- it looks really cute- xo Diana

cynthia lee designs said...

Looks great! I'm so ready for Fall to get here. I was out shopping with my sister today and our favorite shops have all their Fall stuff out now. Made me want to decorate now, but I will wait until Fall gets here.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Well done, my friend!

You are such fun, Jann!

I love your thriftiness too!

I know what that baby cloche thing is: imagine a metal holder it drops into the other way around candle holder....I think it is vintage Princess House - maybe. That's my guess.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Nann visited my blog today - think you two talked? : - )

andrea@townandprairie said...

Jann, you're such a doll for featuring me at your party! I'm super late to the party this week b/c I had 2 nights of Curriculum night at my district. I'll probably get no views, but that's ok. Better late than never! Your little textbook feather is charming with the scroll paper- such a cute fall vignette.

Christina Paul said...

What an adorable vignette! You have such a great eye for combining fun objects- our stores have all of the fall decor out and one craft store even had (dare I say it) Christmas decorations!

Di said...

Love that little plaid pumpkin with the owl....Hoot!

Cynthia said...

Boy Jann you found some great items. I think that plaid pumpkin is just so cute!! I am getting in the mood for fall.


Art and Sand said...

Your vignettes are always cute. I am in a 'use what I have' mode for August and have not been shopping. I am enjoying the challenge, but I need a TJ Maxx fix.

The Farmers Daughter said...

I borrowed a computer tonight just to catch up on my blogging friends! You've been busy, girl! I'm heading for Goodwill tomorrow--99 cent sale. Hope I score like you did.

mimi_62 said...

Can't believe you are actually letting Fall in. What a cute vignette.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Sounds like you had a fun day, Jann. Thanks for sharing at my HOME and have a lovely week.


Ivy and Elephants said...

How cool is that! It couldn't be any better if you'd planned it! I love the cute little cloche and the feather pen you made is amazing!