Holiday Hike. . .

Well now, Christmas is behind us and we are all looking towards a New Year.  Hope you had a joyous holiday and that the New Year will bring lots of happiness!

Usually my Christmas morning is spent preparing sweet and sour baked beans and cooking two hams to take to our family Christmas party at 4. In between we make the rounds to see what Santa brought to all of our grands.  needless to say, Christmas was a busy day!  This year our family party was cancelled because of a few circumstances that were going on with my extended family.

What’s a busy gal to do?  Because Kylee and Dustin are here, we never lack for ideas.  They are great at ‘keeping us healthy’. 

Let’s go for a holiday hike!

It was a glorious sunshiny day so up the canyon we went!  We are lucky to live 5 minutes away from American Fork Canyon.
Hike 019

We opted to just hike and not snowshoe.
Hike 093

We had a new camera we took along and tried a few different settings.  I am posting them just like we shot them.
Hike 086

It even has a self portrait mode.  Now it just needs a ‘make me look younger and skinnier mode’  Hee-hee!
Hike 026

I had never seen such beautiful crystallization on the trees and bushes.
Hike 036
Hike 025
Hike 015

I love how the sun looks like a shining star on top of this small pine tree!
Hike 059

Here I am traipsing through the water to get to that ‘perfect’ spot.  And no, my feet did not get one bit wet.  Awesome boots my hubby gave me for Christmas a few years ago!
Hike 040
That ‘perfect’ spot!
Hike 045
Hike 047

I saw a tree that I wanted to shimmy up for a photo.
Hike 061

Suddenly I had images of Miley Cyrus and the wrecking ball going through my mind.  It’s no wonder that effort came to a halt.  Wouldn’t be because I couldn’t quite reach that branch to pull me up. lol!
Hike 064

Hike 066
Hike 018

Among all of that frosty goodness I spied a little sign of Spring.  See it?  A tiny patch of green moss.
Hike 073
Hike 076

On the lake we found an abandoned tube.  Dustin pulled it free from the ice so of course we had to give it a try!

This morning when I woke up I was a little stiff.  At first I wondered why?  Ha, ha, short term memory for sure!

Hike 117

What a beautiful way to spend Christmas morning!
Hike 091

My gift to you for the New Year. . .
Hike 128
A snow angel to watch over you!
Hike 130
Glad my tush didn’t land on that big rock!

Wishing you all the best of fortune, luck, and happiness for ‘2014’!


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Linda W. said...

Oh such beautiful photos! Your camera did a great job. I'm jealous - I so want our mountains to get some snow. Glad you were able to get out for hike. Role reversal - this time I'm looking at your hiking photos! :)

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

What a lovely day to do hike with your family. Wonderful photos with your camera, too! Happy New Year to you!

Denise said...

A day filled with JOY-lovely !

Unknown said...

Beautiful and fun :) Great combo! Enjoy Mrs. O!!

mimi_62 said...

The pictures are JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! I also love your Miley Cyrus and snow angel photos. You are so-ooo funny.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It really is breathtaking! I bet you were exhausted after so much fun. It's hard to keep up with our 'kids' now, isn't it? But you look beautiful and happy...all of you! And what a difference a few miles make! heehee! We walked on the beach here in Florida on Christmas day (in bare feet)! Sweet hugs my friend!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks like you all had a fun day but have it admit it looks cold.
If I slid on that inner tube I would have to be put in traction.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm back showing your photos to my hubby...we love them! The one of the tree that has the sun shining like a star on top is amazing! Hugs!

priscilla said...

Beautiful photos Jann !

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

It's always nice to see a beautiful snowy day and you found one of those days. Great pictures.

cynthia lee designs said...

Beautiful photos!! We had a lot of snow until it rained last weekend.

Maureen Wyatt said...

Brave gal to slide down that hill! The photos are beautiful and I think that is a lovely way to spend Christmas morning.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

What an absolutely SWEET post.

You just make me so happy, Jann!!

Thanks for that pretty snow angel making the snow angel : - D

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

What a beautiful and fun way to spend Christmas morning! Love your ride on the tube and your snow angel!
Happy New Year!

Stacy said...

What a beautiful place to try out your new camera. I am glad you had such a happy day!

Rose L said...

Lovely photos, and especially like the look of star on tree. I wish they would make a camera with a setting to make us look younger and slimmer as well! That would be perfect!

The Gonen said...

This was a wonderful post to put up. I felt as though I had been right there with you. In New Zealand it is mid summer at the moment, so it cooled me down wonderfully to focus on all that snow :-)

Loved to see your beautiful family, too, Jan!

God bless you!

lynn cockrell said...

Simply beautiful photos, Jann. The snow and ice are so pretty. I really hope we will get a little snow down here this winter. The video is so funny and I have to say, you are brave to get on that tube!

farmhouse-story said...

gorgeous pictures, jann! happy new year to you!

Tea in the Library said...

Thank you for sharing your photos. I can almost smell the fresh clean mountain air !

Nell at njschout said...

Beautiful winter scenes!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Jann, wow I am amazed by the beautiful photos! What a nice walk to take with your family! You are too funny climbing up the tree and mentioning Miley! Lol! Wishing you a Happy New Year! Julie

Betty@SouthernGrace said...

I LOVE this post, Jann! My all time favorite.....Beatiful!! xo

Fran said...

LOVELY!! You are surrounded by such beauty! Nature as well as family. Thank you for sharing! :) --Fran

Katie Mansfield said...

Just gorgeous.