Burlap Bargain?

Initially I had planned on titling this post, “Burlap, Bottles, and Bees”.  But then I realized it was the perfect post for Raise.com. A campaign that I am participating in.  Jessica Brady is the Community Manager for this site and had recently contacted me and asked if I would do a post about ‘impulse’ buying and the different ways I shop a sale.

She attached this link.  It’s really quite interesting. https://www.raise.com/blog/impulse-buying-splurging-think-youre-saving/

Recently I was shopping with two of my sisters at a damaged goods store, NPS.  My friends and I call it, ‘Train Wreck’ because you never know what you’re going to find.

In the collectibles room I came across two burlap parson chairs.  Now was I in the market for chairs?  NOPE!  But decided, (out of curiosity) and because I love burlap to see how much they were.  I could not believe the price!  $159.00 for the two.  Yes, I said two!


They were good quality and I loved the nail heads and skirted bottom.


Now, just to show you what a good deal that was I am showing the chairs that I already had at the end of my kitchen table.  Sweet gingham checked parson.  I paid $350.00, (yes each) for them at a furniture store.


I decided that I can always use more chairs.  Especially after having recently finished our basement.  Knowing what a steal that price was I just couldn’t pass them up.

I’ve taken the gingham chairs downstairs for now and will enjoy my new chairs upstairs for a while.  I’m sure they will be moved around from time to time.

Even though this was a wonderful price there are certain things you have to consider when you ‘impulse’ buy:

1.  Can I afford it?  Luckily hubby and I are financially stable and I don’t have to count pennies.  But as a young mother I can remember when $160 might as well have been a million.  Also, if buying it causes you to pay interest, late fees, or overdraft fees on a card; was it really a bargain?

2.  Do I really need it?:  Many of us (myself included) get e-mails from companies that have a ‘Deal of the Day’.  Now, these are usually always a very good deal, but often we find ourselves buying things that we would not have bought otherwise.

Well, just a little food for thought.  Now lets’ see some of those

bottles:  I’ve decorated my table with a garden theme.


Green bottles echo the color of grass.


A small beeswax candle finds homage under a mini cloche

Bottles and bees:


My large bee skep I bought in Williamsburg, VA is one of my favorite garden treasures.  The little jar of honey was a wedding ‘thank you’ gift and the small bee plates were a thrift find.


I added moss to the top of two small terra cotta pots to carry on the garden theme.



I pulled this tiered stand from my bathroom and filled it with garden goodies.


Bottles, Bees, and Burlap:

The new burlap chairs are joined by a cute bee burlap container holding potpourri.  I recently bought the mini wool runner on sale at Deseret Book.




There you have it:  Burlap, Bottles, and Bees.

After a cold and rainy weekend I’m hoping to find time in the garden today.



p.s. I want to thank my daughter, Kylee for the sweet Mother’s Day hack!  If you missed it you can check it out here:  http://jannolson.blogspot.com/2014/05/happy-mothers-day.html.  Made me cry!

I will be sharing with these fun parties:

Cedar Hill Farm House for the Scoop

Living from Glory to Glory for Encouragement-Homemakers Party





Sweet Woodruff said...

I like the needle felt bee runner on your counter. And I do love these chairs. I'm in the market for chairs too. I keep my eye open when I'm thrifting but haven't been lucky so far. Have a good week Mrs. Olson

Maureen Wyatt said...

Love the burlap chairs and those are very good points on deciding if something is a good buy or not!

Art and Sand said...

I love the look of your chairs, but just don't have the space in our dining room for them.

I am curious how the burlap will hold up. You must do a post on the in a few months to let us know.

Rita C at Panoply said...

Great chairs, and good points, Jann. I have an upcoming post, including a Parsons chair I found at an estate sale, but it pales in heftiness when compared to the one I already had at home. Nonetheless, they make great extra seating for company.
Your garden touches are all sweet. I like the moss in the starter pots.

Nancy said...

Good post, Jann. Wise advice on impulse buying. You're right about the chairs being a great price. You done good, girl. :) Love all your charming garden touches, too. Happy Monday! ~ Nancy

living from glory to glory said...

Jann, I think you will love them, as long as they do not seem a bit rough on the bum...
I must say the tacks make them look so classy!
I am learning to buy what I need and not everything I like as my Hubby will say well if you bring that home what are you gonna get rid of???

bj said...

Why, Mrs. Olson, I wouldn't have cared one single bit if I needed these adorable chairs or not...that adorable and that PRICE...o, yes, I would have taken them home sooo
fast! I just love them.

Susie said...

Jann, We only live once, better get those chairs. LOL. Don't you wish you could have found a dozen of them when you bought those high dollars chairs? I know what you mean about when we were young...every penny surely counted. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Kris said...

Oh boy, what steal indeed!! I love them. I have two skirted parson chairs at my table and adore them. I love the burlap ones with nailhead trim! So classy looking. I also loved your garden themed table.
And your daughter's hack was adorable! So sweet of her. Such cute photos!!!
xo Kris

Michelle H said...

Your chairs are wonderful! It is so easy to over-buy, especially for diyers! I think our worst (hubby *and* me)was when Goodwill first came in - before that we had the problem of accepting everybody else's hand-me-downs, because we could probably fix it, re-purpose it, etc. My especial weakness is at Christmas time, when I can find a couple vintage ornaments in a bag full of cheapies, heehee! Of course, then I at least am saving over buying them on ebay, right? Still, even the inexpensive stuff is no bargain when your house is junked up with the things that are supposed to make it homey and pretty! Your daughter's hack, by the way, was so wonderful! It's such an awesome reward to have them be so loving, appreciative, and thoughtful!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Beautiful chairs!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh, I would have stopped dead in my tracks for those chairs! They are awesome, lucky you and great buy! Your surprise hacker is just too cute and fun, what a sweetheart!

Creations By Cindy said...

Love the chairs! Hugs and blessings Cindy

Kathleen said...

I totally agree. There were times when 160 dollars would have been needed to pay the bills. I would have scooped the up too, except I am allergic to burlap! They are beautiful!

Audrey said...

Beautiful chairs Jann and such a bargain. Cannot blame you for buying them.

Your daughter is so precious to honor you in such a sweet way.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

Brandi said...

I love your new chairs! They're gorgeous. Nail head trim has always been a favorite of mine.

Jan Hermann said...

Great post...and I do LOVE your burlap chairs! Great Bargain!

Cynthia said...

What beautiful goodies in this post. Loving the chairs and what a deal, so lucky, sigh.


Linda Walker said...

Your photos are always a feast for the eyes! Your chairs were a steal alright--I love then! Your collections are fun to look at!