Fun Finds!

Hello my friends,
just wanted to hop in and remind you about the bloggers 'meet and greet' link party on Mon. June 29th.
The party will go live at 7 a.m. MST.
While I'm here, why not share a few of my thrift finds.
I really don't need a darn thing so I have pledged that I won't just go to our local thrift.  BUT, if I'm in the area, how can I resist?
Last week I needed to run to Joanne's so. . .yup, in the area!  lol!
I love geraniums so I could not pass up these sweet enamel mugs with a geranium motif.  Hard to tell, but two of them are just tiny.
I hope you will join the party!
Share a little about yourself and what you love.
Hopefully you will learn more about your blog friends, or even find a new friend or two.
I couldn't help but FALL in love with these kitchen goodies.  Won't they be fun at Harvest time?
I also found a brown dish drainer, but forgot to take a photo.
Now can I just tell you that the 'Meet and Greet' party at my home today was so wonderful!  We may have been small in numbers, but big in fun, fun, fun!
Loved meeting a few blog friends in person.
They were all amazing!!
(as I knew they would be)
I never can pass up cherries.  Not in the grocery store and certainly not while pickin!
Can you believe I have a small pot just like this that I have had for years?
More kitchen fun!  It's speckled, it's enamel, what's not to love?
And the red handled biscuit cutter made my heart swoon!
Always in need of a few personal items.  Hee-hee!
I think I'll put the rollers in a jar in my basement bath.
This baby brush and comb was new, never been used in the box.

A few Christmas items.  You know I don't have nearly enough!  : )
Enamel bowl, Currier and Ive's trivets, and Angel hair.

Three tablecloths.  Plastic, but perfect for fun with the grands.

I saved the best for last.
Two cute light up bunnies.

Not sure what this stuff is called, but so bizarre. They are precious if you ask me!

I don't think I can wait clear till next Easter to use them!
I've already figured out when they'll be hopping into a vignette.
Have a fun weekend and hope to see you on Monday!


Donna Wilkes said...

Bunnies are not just for Easter, Silly Rabbit! Sorry, I love bunnies. Great finds!

Sarah said...

Jann, the speckled enamel ware would have definitely gone home with me. I, too, have found pieces thrifting. Great for picnics! Wish we still had our sailboat, because they would definitely be perfect onboard.

Sarah said...

What is the meet and greet?

Cherie said...

I love those bunnies. They mkae me think of Spring

Susie said...

Jann, You have found some sweet things. I love the cups sitting my your planter bucket...that is cute too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Art and Sand said...

I know you have big house, but one day you are going to run out of space!

Gayle said...

What great finds - so cheerful.

Anne's Attic - Design said...

You always know the right things to buy my sweet friend. I am looking forward to the meet and greet. Such a great idea. XX Jo

20 North Ora said...

Love all of your great finds. You are pretty well covered for all of the seasons! LOL


cynthia lee designs said...

Great Finds!! Love the enamel cups!!
Thanks so much for the mason jar looks great on my quilt in the dining room. I posted about it on my blog today.

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

Jann you found some fun vintage goodies. Can't wait for the virtual meet and great

Consider It All Joy said...

What a fun bunch of treasures! I'm sure you'll put together plenty of great vignettes with them as the seasons permit! Blessings, Cindy

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

You found some real cute stuff! You may be surprised to see I bought an antique and used if for an outdoor display!

decorayadora said...

Hi dear friend !! Que bonitos conejos !! Que tenga un óptimo martes

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

So many goodies that i adore here!!

Thanks so much for all your visits, my friend!!